Motor Gap Insurance

Who are and Why Direct Gap?
AFL (Fleet Management) Ltd has partnered up with Direct Gap to provide GAP insurance cover. Direct Gap are –

  • A well established provider, with over 12,000 5* reviews
  • Fast, ease of use and peace of mind online quoting
  • Independently rated five star insurance provider
  • UK based customer service team and claims settled within 10 days

How does GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) insurance work?
Lets say the vehicle is valued at £20,000 and it was then valued at £12,000 at the time of being written off. There will be a difference of £8,000 in valuation. The GAP insurance provider would cover the difference; ensuring you are not left with a significant shortfall of £8,000.

Why you should consider GAP Insurance?

  • Purchase price and outstanding finance
    GAP Insurance offers a means of paying off outstanding finance on the vehicle.
  • You are worried about the depreciation of the vehicle
    The quicker the vehicle loses value; the less the insurer will pay out after a total loss.

How much does Gap insurance cost?
The cost of your GAP insurance premium depends on the make and model of your vehicle, the value,
and the duration of your lease agreement or planned ownership. Via our partner, Direct Gap, GAP
insurance is accessible for as low as £66, though most multi-year policies fall within the £100 – 200
range. Direct Gap, which is authorised and regulated by the FCA, provides affordable GAP insurance
quotes alongside top-notch customer support. They also provide Initial Rental Protection insurance,
covering the initial rental payments made for your new leased vehicle in case of a total loss insurance

Can I cancel my Gap Insurance?
Yes, if you wish to discontinue the policy then you can cancel. Usually, to be entitled to a refund you
need to do this within 14 days of the cover’s start date. However, Direct Gap offer you a grace period
of 30 days. Beyond that period, you’ll be charged £35 as a cancellation fee and then refunded on a
pro-rata basis.

If you would like to discuss further, please contact us on 01753 878430