Commission Disclosure

Financial Conduct Authority

The Financial Conduct Authority expects any intermediary to disclose to their customers that a commission may be payable to the intermediary by a supplier or creditor that we may introduce you to; and, to disclose the amount of this potential commission when requested. The Financial Conduct Authority have made it clear that “commission” means any financial consideration. If a credit broker (including a motor dealer) receives a commission then The Financial Conduct Authority expects [under CONC 4.5.3R] that any intermediary discloses the existence of commissions, fees or other remuneration payable, in good time before a credit agreement or consumer hire agreement is entered in to. Discretionary commission models are banned by the FCA as of the 28th of January 2021.

Charges for our services

AFL (Fleet Management) Ltd rely on the commission paid from our Finance Lenders when you engage our services. AFL (Fleet Management) Ltd are a broker and not a lender and will work with a panel of lenders to ensure the customer is provided the most cost-effective solution on each occasion. AFL are paid a commission by the Finance Lender and/or Motor Retailer, once the agreement is live. The commission we receive maybe pre-set but can vary depending on the funder selected, the terms of the funding and other criteria’s, such as achieving high levels of customer service, some funders may also pay us an additional commission based on business volumes which may be reflected in the monthly lease rate that you pay for the vehicle.

If You Would Like Us To Disclose Any Potential Commission We Earn:

In line with this legislation, you can ask us to disclose any potential commission by emailing or by calling 01753 878 430 and asking to speak to the Compliance officer about a Commission Disclosure.