Frequently Asked Questions

Who will supply my new car?

All our vehicles are supplied through official UK franchised dealerships; we don’t supply imported vehicles.

Will my new lease car come with a warranty?

Yes, all our new lease cars and vans are supplied with a full UK manufacturer’s warranty. Just as they would if you ordered from a main dealership.

Is delivery included in the price?

Yes, delivery to most UK mainland addresses is included in the price you see. Some additional charges may apply to certain remote locations in the Scottish Highlands, as well as charges for Congestion Zones. Delivery to non-mainland locations are at an additional charge.

Can you provide a lease to Northern Ireland post Brexit?

Yes, we can offer lease deals to Northern Ireland. However, the pricing may vary to the advertised rates.

What is the initial payment?

A minimum of one rental in advance is possible (subject to credit approval), but typically an initial payment equivalent to 3 regular monthly rentals is required. Larger initial payments can be made if required, which will lower the regular monthly rentals. The initial rental forms part of your total contract payments and is not a refundable deposit.

What do I do about Servicing my vehicle?

You need to ensure that the vehicle is serviced and maintained in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. You can choose to include the Servicing, Maintenance, Tyres and Breakdown cover within the lease contract, which is a convenient and affordable way to budget for these costs.

Does my monthly lease rental include car insurance?

Standard Contract Hire and Personal Contract Hire (PCH) lease contracts do not include car insurance; your new lease car must be covered by a fully comprehensive insurance policy for the duration of the contract, which is your responsibility to arrange.
We can offer fully insured leases via certain lenders, so please contact us on 01753 878 430 for details.

Can I put a personal number plate on the car?

There will normally not be a problem, however the lender will charge a small admin fee. Make sure that you have their agreement and their confirmation that they will transfer the number back to you at the end of the agreement. We can assist in the process whether this is before or after delivery.

How will my monthly payments be collected?

All monthly rentals are collected by Direct Debit. This normally also includes the initial rental.

My car is financed on a personal contract hire agreement. What happens if the car is accident damaged, to the point of being written off by the insurance company? Am I liable for any shortfall in value?

What normally happens is the insurance company will negotiate directly with the leasing company. Different companies have varying policies. We recommend that you check with the company concerned.

Do you offer Gap Insurance?

No, we don’t offer Gap Insurance. If you’d like to discuss our fully insured lease offers please contact a member of the team on 01753 878 430.

How can the car leasing companies afford to offer such low priced special offers? Surely most of these cars would depreciate more in value per month than the monthly rentals payable?

Due to the bulk purchases that the car leasing companies make large discounts are often given thus reducing the initial cost and therefore monthly rentals payable. These savings are simply passed onto the customers, but you have to be quick, because they don’t last long!

Why do some prestige models cost less to finance per month than certain more common cars, which cost less to buy initially?

The monthly rentals payable are calculated considering many factors. These include the purchase price, the mileage agreed and the future predicted value of the vehicle (residual value). If the residual value of certain cars is far higher than other in its class, despite the fact that the purchase price maybe higher the monthly rentals may be lower.

My circumstances have changed and I now need to amend the agreed mileage part way through a contract. Can I do this?

This should not be a problem. You will need to contact us to arrange an alternative agreement, as each lender has its own rules on how and when this can be done. This will usually mean altering the monthly payments.