Fleet News FN50

The FN50 is the Fleet News guide to the top 50 contract hire and leasing companies in the UK.

To read more information about the companies listed in the Fleet News FN50 list, please follow the company links on the right-hand side of this page – under “Related Content”.

Fleet News

Fleet News is one of the UK’s principal sources of news and know-how for fleet decision-makers in the UK. Its coverage of the fleet industry spans more than 30 years – giving it an exclusive insight into the fleet marketplace.

Aimed at UK fleet decision-makers, the Fleet News target market is businesses that operate fleets of company cars and/or vans or other light commercial vehicles (LCVs).

In excess of 16,000 UK fleet decision-makers receive a copy of Fleet News every week and up to date studies show that by and large, at least two people peruse each copy, raising its circulation to more than 30,000.

With its detailed news reporting, unparalleled vehicle launch information, wide-ranging articles, supplements and a range of nationwide events, Fleet News offers an immense range knowledgebase to help fleet decision-makers carry out their responsibilities efficiently and effectively.

Fleet News makes use of its status in the UK fleet arena to assist in advancing the fleet industry as a whole. Though government lobbying, influencing fleet managers to be more proactive with driver training and fleet safety, offering assistance and guidance on key economic matters, Fleet News makes certain that UK fleets receive a fair deal and operate at their optimum efficiency.

Source: Bauer Automotive