Mercedes-Benz CLA COUPE

With rates starting from £240.83 plus VAT per month and CO2 emissions from 23g/km, the new Mercedes-Benz CLA COUPE represents outstanding value for money on contract hire.

The Mercedes-Benz CLA COUPE lease deals listed below are from our Prestige Medium leasing range; use the handy dropdown filters to quickly find your preferred Mercedes-Benz CLA COUPE from the list.

Remember, if you require your new Mercedes-Benz CLA COUPE for immediate delivery, we can locate stock with short lead-time for speedy delivery from franchised Mercedes-Benz dealers across the UK.

Business rate from


per month plus VAT

Personal rate from


per month incl. VAT

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Listed below are derivatives of the current Mercedes-Benz CLA COUPE range. Use the filters to refine your search, or give us a call and we'll help you find exactly what you need - at the best price. Simple.

There are a total of 14 cars in this model range. 3 cars are currently hidden because they don't match your criteria.

VehicleMRPFuelGearboxInsuranceCO2MPGBusiness LeasePersonal Lease 
£31,690PetrolAutomatic27E13852£240.83 *£289.00 Select
£33,240PetrolAutomatic29E13952£255.25 *£306.30 Select
£35,890DieselAutomatic34E13267£281.38 *£337.66 Select
£37,390DieselAutomatic34E13267£287.67 *£345.20 Select
£38,890DieselAutomatic34E13367£302.55 *£363.06 Select
£35,065PetrolAutomatic35E15448£267.89 *£321.47 Select
CLA COUPE AMG Line Premium
VehicleMRPFuelGearboxInsuranceCO2MPGBusiness LeasePersonal Lease 
£37,450Petrol/PlugIn Elec HybridAutomatic38E23 £243.39 *£292.07 Select
£33,190PetrolAutomatic27E13952£251.19 *£301.43 Select
£34,740PetrolAutomatic30E13952£267.05 *£320.46 Select
£36,565PetrolAutomatic35E15448£275.64 *£330.77 Select
CLA COUPE AMG Line Premium Plus
VehicleMRPFuelGearboxInsuranceCO2MPGBusiness LeasePersonal Lease 
£38,950Petrol/PlugIn Elec HybridAutomatic39E24 £254.42 *£305.30 Select
£34,690PetrolAutomatic27E14052£262.64 *£315.17 Select
£36,240PetrolAutomatic30E14052£277.34 *£332.81 Select
£38,065PetrolAutomatic35E15548£288.96 *£346.75 Select

* Business lease rates are per month excluding VAT. Personal lease rates are per month including VAT. CO2 levels measured in g/km.
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