World Sporting Events

March 9, 2015

Every year hundreds upon thousands of people gather to watch and take part in various sporting events. It’s something that we all have in common and it unites us.

The need for mobility is also something that we all have in common and for us that means cars and vans. Check out the below article and infographic which explores world sporting events and the ideal cars for fans.

Australia Open – Tennis

January 19th – February 1st
Tennis players are into luxury cars from Andy Murray’s Jaguar to Maria Sharapova’s Porsche deal – there is no shortage of luxury. Mercedes even marketed their range as “The Roger Federer of automobiles meets the Mercedes- Benz of Tennis”

Super Bowl – American Football

February 1st
Super Bowl fans in the UK often pull all nighters to catch the big game! Car manufacturers often have some of their best adverts on during the game. Some of the best Super Bowl car adverts are:

Check out my personal favourite, the Volkswagen Passat advert in the infographic below where a little boy is dressed as Darth Vader and desperately trying to use “The Force” to move objects with his mind like the famous Darth Vader himself. Finally his dad comes home with the new Volkswagen Passat Saloon and the mini Vader runs at the car and with the help of his loving dad; mini Darth Vader manages to make the lights flash with his mind!

World Ski Championships – Skiing

February 2nd – 15th
Skiers need boot space, four wheel drive and durability. This is why we recommend the MINI countryman for skiers. With up to 1,170 litres of boot space there is plenty of space for all your skiing gear! There’s a powerful engine under the bonnet and with optional four wheel drive you can customise your MINI Countryman to be the perfect mountain companion. The MINI Countryman even comes with an optional cold weather package! It’s brrrrr-illiant!

Be more mountain goat with the MINI Countryman – scale those hills and mountains like a true woolly professional and do it in style! Pack up your skis and take the Mini Countryman for a spin.

World Track Championships – Cycling

February 18th – 22nd
Our lovely Nissan Leaf is the perfect car for cyclists and their fans! Like a high end bicycle, the Nissan Leaf is compact, efficient and peppy! Grab a couple of energy bars and pop your bike in the boot!

World Cup – Cricket

February 14th – March 29th
As partners of the England  and Wales Cricket Board Kia is the ideal car manufacturer for cricketers and cricket fans alike. Cricket is typically known as a family game. I normally see families playing cricket in the local fields and greens in the area. Keeping this in mind, I would recommend the Kia Sportage as your family’s transport to your Sunday cricket game.

Masters – Golf

April 9th – 12th
Making the right impression at the golf course is as important as your swing. Imagine driving up to the golf course in a sleek and stylish Jagaur XF Sportbrake. The boot has plenty of space for your golf clubs and Jaguar is a name that never lets you down.

Grand National – Horse Racing

April 9th – 11th
I can think of no better car than the Evoque Hatchback for jockeys and horse fans alike. Like horses, Land Rover’s are sturdy and well built. After a day at the yard or on the tracks, you’re probably going to be a little dirty and you won’t want to get into a dainty little car. Climb into you “indestructible” Evoque! It’s large interior will also give you plenty of space to pack away your gear if travelling around the country to do shows.

 At the end of the day, it’s all in the name. “Sports” cars, so take a look at our dedicated page of “sporty and fun” vehicles here.