Why You Should Lease A Kia Sportage

October 16, 2013

As part of a new series of blog posts we are taking a look at some of our more popular vehicles, whether that be based on pure volume of leases or customer satisfaction, to see what has made them quite so appealing. We will also be trying to answer questions we often get posed when discussing the vehicles with our customers from the expected, ‘Tell me about the Kia Sportage specification?’ to the slightly less expected, ‘What’s the Kia Sportage towing capacity?’ But let’s start with what our customers think.

Kia Sportage Customer Opinion

“We are leasing the Kia Sportage as our family car and my wife and I both agree that – without doubt – this is the best car we have ever had!

In my opinion the Sportage really does compete with the more prestigious rivals such as the X5. Okay, the build quality might not hold up, but there really is little difference between the design, comfort and practicality. Where this car shines though, is the pure value for money it offers. I have the top range model, and the spec is quite brilliant with a lot of features that would be cost extras with most other cars. Kia-Sportage_2011_800x600_front left

I have been impressed greatly not only by the car, but also by your company – your staff really has contributed towards a happy leasing experience, and I will definitely be coming back at the end of my current contract.”

We think you’ll agree, this is quite a glowing review. Click through to find more of our Kia Sportage lease reviews. The theme that runs throughout most of the feedback that we have received from our customers is the fact that the Kia Sportage delivers in almost every aspect of practicality, design and spec and does so well within the price range of its competitors. There really is no avoiding the fact that, if you were to lease a Kia Sportage with us, at the top price level it would still be cheaper than a mid range X1, any level Q5 or any level, except the lowest, Range Rover Evoque (and that’s just a sample of a few manufacturers).

But what do you get for your money? Well…

Kia Sportage Specification

The top range 2.0 litre CRDi KX-4 Auto Kia Sportage Specification is quite a reading list, follow the link to find the full specification (we highly recommend that you view the full spec to appreciate just how well equipped this vehicle is, as standard). Highlights include:

[one_third]Bluetooth connectivity with voice control[/one_third]

[one_third]Front and rear parking sensors[/one_third]

[one_third_last]Satellite navigation with rear view parking camera[/one_third_last]

[one_third]Automatic front rain sensing wipers[/one_third]

[one_third]LED daytime running lights[/one_third]

[one_third_last]Panoramic sunroof[/one_third_last]

[one_third]Xenon headlights + headlight washers[/one_third]

[one_third]Cooled glovebox[/one_third]

[one_third_last]Full size curtain airbags[/one_third_last]

[one_third]Dual zone automatic air conditioning[/one_third]

[one_third]Heated front and rear seats[/one_third]

[one_third_last]Smart keyless entry[/one_third_last]


This is just a tiny selection of the 93 (yes, 93!) items listed on our site that you get as standard if you lease a kia sportage.

Kia Sportage Towing Capacity and Dimensions


These are a couple question that we often get asked over the phone and that are queries that frequently bring people to our site. We can categorically state that the Kia Sportage’s towing capacity is 1600 kg braked and 750 kg unbraked. We also understand that people are keen to know the Kia Sportage’s dimensions, with them expecting it to be a fairly large vehicle, but with a height of 1635 mm (1645 mm including roof rails), length of 4440 mm, a wheelbase of 2640mm and a width of 1855mm it is quite reasonable.

If you wanted to find out more information about our Kia Sportage leasing deals, or wanted to find out what rates we offer on other Kia vehicles, why not visit our Kia manufacturer page.

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Written by Ryan Hill