Why you lease a new car?

August 29, 2014

Are you searching around on internet to buy or lease a new car. It’s a common question comes first in mind what should I do? Should I go to buy an used car or lease brand new car.

At Car Leasing Made Simple, we are one of the trusted car leasing experts and here we explain why you should go ahead leasing a new car…

Looking for ways to find to lease a new car? Here is the answer…

1) Affordable solution to fund brand new premium vehicles

If  you love to drive  brand new vehicles then you must aware that they are too expensive and hard  to buy it. So Leasing option gives you freedom of getting a brand new vehicle in monthly fix lease prices and small amount of deposits.

2) Maintenance Included

New car does not go garage more often as old car. With leasing new car comes with included maintenance package. So you can get relax from all of your maintenance costs. Whatever you need to do any maintenance, servicing or tyre repair all included in maintenance package.

3) Flexible car leasing agreement

According your needs and choice we have great flexible car leasing term available to chose between two, three and four year of leasing contract, also it could be tailor made. When your contract gets finish,  you can lease another new car with upgrade or new contract and get a new car.

Our upgrade deals for existing customers offers with great discount.

4) No panic about Mileage

Whilst making  contract, first we ask you about average annual mileage. But it could be change at any time because we understand circumstances could change at any time.  You just need to call our Car Leasing Made Simple team and change your contract with new monthly payments.

5) Flexible Deposit payment

Our fix deposit payment normally includes six month of fix monthly payment. However you can make change to deposit payment with up and down price with fix monthly payment. So it’s simple and flexible.

6) Great car leasing deals

At Car Leasing Made Simple, we have got great car leasing deals available that you can get on business car lease or personal lease. Our car leasing deals are exclusive from us for our customers. Business car lease gets you benefit from tax as you can claim your tax. Also our great personalised personal car leasing deals are included with VAT. So you do not need to worry about and no extra costs, just fix monthly payments that’s all!!!

Why lease with Car Leasing Made Simple?

Since 1997, we have been providing car leasing with great deals and great customer service. That’s why we have made strong reputation and become trusted car leasing partner. With over 96% of our customer recommend us – take a look our trust pilot reviews. We have over 50,000 car models that you can choose  with flexible and simple way…

Our car leasing method is very simple, clever and smarter !!!!

Call our sales advisors on 0800 458 0113 for more details about us and our car leasing process to get the best car leasing deals……