Why Nissan Leaf makes an ideal choice of new generation electric Car?

August 15, 2014

Nissan Leaf is one of the best electric car is available in the market today. Nissan Leaf is an ideal choice to drive new generation electric car.  Leaf is the first electric car from Nissan with Nissan eNV200 electric van.

Leaf provides same power and performance as Petrol and Diesel Car

This is common for us that we think – oh it’s an electric car means it provides less performance and poor driving experience. But Nissan Leaf is the electric car that proves its power and performance and can beat petrol and diesel car. Leaf offers pleasant driving experience without compromising anything but just to gain.  Nissan Leaf stands on the top of electric car as it’s not noisy even less than ceiling fan and crying baby.

Leaf immediately generates 100% torque force that powers acceleration. It pull away better than fuel cars. Nissan claims that Leaf can do 124 miles on a single charge. There is also option of slow and fast charging. Slow charge can take up to 4 to 8 hours where as fast charge takes only 30 minutes.

Leaf is very economical car that you can drive with zero road tax,  no congestion charge, free domestic charging boxes means fully cheap to run car.

Design and Style

Nissan Leaf Side View

Nissan Leaf Side View

We like its design and style as it doesn’t look like  a common electric car that we have seen in photos and videos, thanks to Nissan for that…. No one can say from outside that this can be electric…..

Nissan Leaf Cabin Space

Nissan Leaf Cabin Space

Leaf comes with great boot storage and boot capacity including total  storage of 370 litres that is 40 litres more than Ford Focus. There is also a pleasant cabin space. The interior is very impressive built with high quality materials.

Leaf comes with large colour touch screen, satellite navigation and Bluetooth connectivity. Nissan Leaf is available in four trim ranges – Visia, Visia+, Acenta and Tekna.

Leaf was introduced in 2011 and now built in UK with over 105,000 Leaf owners have take part in green technology and zero emissions. Leaf makes a world’s best selling electric vehicle.

It’s a five door hatchback car comes with all features as a fuel car with addition of zero emissions and very cheap to run.

Leaf satisfied customer reviews

Nissan Leaf owners are fully satisfied with this electric car. Over 94% would recommend Leaf to others.

Here is review of one owner – “Having first test driven the Nissan Leaf for a couple of hours and I was so impressed that I have decided to go ahead with Nissan Leaf. I am being driving Leaf from last five months and I am very satisfied from it and feel happy when driving because its zero emissions.

What we say about Nissan Leaf –

We like Nissan Leaf, as this is very modern new tech electric vehicle offers all the features that we see in fuel cars. Also its very cheap to run car so what else needs?