What do you think about Yellow Color of Nissan Juke?

August 4, 2014

Nissan Juke is available in plenty of colours but the most famous color of Juke is sunlight yellow. The first Nissan Juke was been TV advertisement in yellow color.

We have take survey about the Yellow colour of New Nissan Juke and we have received both positive and negative statements as below –


Nissan Juke Front View



Nissan Juke





      1. The yellow colour of Nissan Juke is very different and very unique.
        I like that but it could be brighter and I think they should introduce a pearlescent version.

      2. Its a Marmite car, you either love it or hate it!
        The vehicle I think is very nice, and its excellent value for money, and the colour is bright n cheerful.

      3.  It’s a fun and funky vehicle with lots of character.
        The Sunlight yellow is far from this colour, it’s more like dark mustard colour.

      4. The inside the car was surprisingly nice and Spacious. Yes definately I like the colour.

      5. It is a marmite colour – you either love it or you hate it.
        With the yellow exterior, most people would look to order the yellow interior – however we have noticed the 2 yellows are slightly different, you would expect them to be an identical match

      6. The vehicle’s colour looks to be a very bright yellow in the pictures, but in reality looked more mustardy. On the whole a nice looking vehicle.

      7. It is very bright you would not lose it in a car park. I would say it is more of a bumble bee yellow then a sunlight yellow.

      8. This colour will definitely reduce traffic accidents, but also turn heads!

      9. The Nissan Juke looks like something Robin (Batman) would drive.
        And as for the sunlight yellow, you actually want to look like a large yellow parrot.

      10. Its Bright, Loud, and will make a statement when you’re out on the Road.

What do you think about Yellow colour of Nissan Juke? Do you like or not? Let us know your thought in below comment box.