What do you know about Nissan Juke?

August 4, 2014

Are you driving Nissan Juke? Would you like to know when and where your Nissan Juke came from? Here some interesting info about Nissan Juke that you would like to know about your Nissan Juke. 

When and where Nissan Juke come from? 

A mini SUV, the five door Nissan Juke produced by Japanese automotive manufacturer Nissan since 2010. The first debut took place in 2010 Geneva Motor show in March.

Nissan Juke car concept was announced on 11 February 2009 with production at the UK manufacturer centre in Washington, UK.

Nissan Juke production for European Market manufactured at Washington Plant, UK and for all other countries Juke manufactures in Oppama, Japan.

Design of Nissan Juke 

Nissan Juke was designed at Nissan Design Europe centre in London and refined at Nissan’s design centre in Japan. The body was based on  the Nissan B platform and style has been likened to the Maxima model.

Nissan Juke has given a sporty and stylish look with its high waistline body and slim side windows. It features for five people and rear seats have 60/40 split and folded down to carry larger objects.

Nissan Juke made available in several 1.5 and 1.6 litre diesel and petrol engines with automatic and manual gear box to choose.

Origional Nissan Juke serves as base model with different trim levels in worldwide. In UK, Nissan Juke available in different three trim levels – Visia, Acenta and Tekna trims. Plenty of personalization color available in your choice.