Weekly Round Up – All the Latest Car News from Car World

August 29, 2014

Weekly Round Up – Hey Its Friday and last week of August 2014 after enjoying last bank holiday weekend. It’s time to revise all the latest happening in ‘Car World’.

This week, we have seen many new cars revealed with specification and prices ahead of 2014 Paris Motor Show happening in October including Volvo XC90, Kia Sorento, Lexus RC F, Vauxhall Corsa and Suzuki Vitara. We are eagerly waiting for Paris motor show and these new cars to coming out ready for sale in 2015.

Also we come up with great car lease deals such as saving discount on Nissan Micra, Vauxhall Astra 1.6 CDTI and Mercedes Benz SLK Roadster. We also announced such a great end of August car lease special deals.

During the bank holiday period price were cut down of 2p to 5p on petrol and diesel that we have heard in breaking news articles. Here is to see how much you need to pay to fill up petrol and diesel.

But the most highlight and excited moment happened is Ice Bucket Challenge, how can we forget that…Our Procurement Direct Patrick Fagan has been nominated by Dipti Parmar and Laura Rowland. Patrick Fagan have nominated Martin Sargent from Berry BMW, Mark Hodd from Eastbourne Audi and Assia Ilyas from Lex Autolease for further Ice Bucket Challenge to do in 24 hours.

However they have accepted but haven’t done yet…They all are going to do their Ice Bucket Challenge this weekend.

Here is a video of Patrick Fagan to do Ice Bucket Challenge ……Well done Patrick sir for being strong in such a cold weather and of course full of Ice Bucket. 😀 !!!

Have a good weekend you all – have a good fun…Sunday weather predicted good…