Vauxhall celebrates 5 million cars made at Ellesmere Port

December 9, 2014

Vauxhall staff celebrates today as the five million cars rolls off the production line.

This year marks the company’s 50th anniversary of operations, following the huge turnaround from 2012 when a long-term deal with Unite and Union saved it from closure and today the Ellesmere Port factory celebrates the five-millionth car to be produced at the Cheshire plant.

Following the deal with the Unite, the factory secured the production of the next generation Astra.

With 1800 staff, the Ellesmere Port build a new car every two minutes and is currently setting up the production of all-new Astra later in 2015. As being the Europe’s lead manufacturing plant for the new model, the company is taking on an additional 300 staff next month as part of £140 million investment by parent General Motors.

Vauhxall has started building its compact cars at the Ellesmere Port in 1964 along wiht all the Viva models, the Chevette and all six Astra models from 1982. And till today, the plant has responsible producing an average 100,000 units every year of the last 50 years.

Here is a video the Ellesmere Port is scene of ‘extreme sign-off’ by resident test driver –

Plant Director of Ellesmere Port, Stefan Fesser commented – “The factory is a legend in General Motors and saw a bread of high speed testing in the plant and detailed reports as he generates. And after fifty years, our staff is validating the great quality that comes with every car we produce.”

Today the Astra is one of the popular range as ever , based on VXR flagship has been features in UK’s top five best sellers available as a three-door GTC Coupe, 5-door hatch and Sports Tourer Estate built at Ellesmere Port with 76 percent of total volume going to export.

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