UK's Best Selling Electric Cars

March 5, 2015

If you are a fan of electric cars and their technology, you will love our list of some of the UK’s best selling electric cars.

As we all know, electric cars are in great demand thanks to their low running costs and great mileage efficiency. We are in love with low emissions green technology because it helps the environment but saves you money as well.

Our directors have been involved in low emission technology by driving Nissan Leafs and BMW i3 for the past two years and they are very happy with their cars and the new technology.

We have gathered data from the automotive industry to give you a list of some of the UK’s best selling electric cars!

And the Winner is : The Nissan Leaf!

The Nissan Leaf is not just the UK’s best selling electric car but has smashed sales records in Europe and become a class leader. The Nissan LEAF was launched back in early 2011 in the European market, followed by a revised version introduced in mid-2013 with more than 100 improvements based on customer feedback. It has achieved strong global sales of over 158,000 units through December 2014 and in the UK with about 7,200 units delivered.

Let’s see our infographic below for more information –

UK's Best Selling Electric Cars

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If you love the electric car as much we do, then please vote for your best electric cars below – We would love to hear from you!