TVR’s Carbon Fiber Structure for All-new Sports Car Range Confirmed

January 28, 2016

TVR, the reborn British sports car brand, is kicking off its first run of its highly touted “Launch Edition” cars with a bang. Set to be launched in 2017, the limited-run sports car will have the innovative all-carbon fiber architecture, which the manufacturer hopes will become the game changer upon its re-entry into the extremely competitive sports car industry.

According to Les Edgar, TVR’s Chairman, carbon fiber has historically been reserved for the production of high-end motorsport and supercars. But TVR will be offering its target customers a slice – or a taste, if you will –of the innovative technology at just a fraction of the price. He further stated that the early adopters of the Launch Edition will enjoy the all-carbon fiber architecture as part of the package cost.

Gordon Murray, the famous design consultant for the global auto industry, helped in the design of TVR’s Launch Edition. He said that the first run of the sports car will be built around a carbon fiber chassis, assembled using his iStream manufacturing system, and finished with carbon fiber bodywork.

Since Gordon’s innovative iStream is touted to be far more cost-efficient and effective than the traditional composite assembly methods, the first run will likely be more affordable. TVR, however, has yet to release an official statement regarding prices.

Emphasis must be made that from the company’s statements so far, the first batch of TVR’s cars will have the full carbon fiber treatment. But it’s also understood that in the subsequent production run, the cars will have an aluminum chassis with the bodywork made from more common composites, such as fiberglass. Customers can request for the carbon panels and carbon tub, but an extra cost.