Toyota's FCV Car will be in European Markets next summer 2015

June 30, 2014

What is technology behind Toyota’s FCV Car?

The Toyota’s FCV car equipped with a “Fuel Cell” that generates electricity through the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen to power the motor driving the vehicle.

Basically, Hydrogen is the gas that goes into fuel cells. It generates electricity while emitting only water. and this electricity drives a motor, so you can feel the smoothness and quiet performance as a battery car.  But with hydrogen fuel car, you can drive for far longer than battery cars as you can refuel in a few minutes.

Hydrogen has great potential as an different fuel. It can be produced from a wide variety of primary energy sources like solar and wind power which are easy to store and transport. Also when compressed, it has a higher energy density than batteries. It could also be used in a much wider range of applications beyond automotive and domestic use, including large scale power generation.

Toyota’s assurance to developing vehicles that are environment friendly based on three ethics:

  • Using different energy sources
  • Securing low vehicle emissions and
  • driving positive environmental change by making these vehicles popular on customer demands.

As Fuel cell vehicles are environmental friendly, contribute to the diversification of vehicle fuels. They produce no harmful carbon dioxide or substances to the environment while driving, but offer the convenience associated with petrol-powered vehicles.

As being Car leasing Experts, we do really like new technology cars and we will look forward to see people’s reviews and their driving experience of these hydrogen cars.


The Toyota’s FCV car is four door saloon car and its exterior design looks nearly identical to the FSV concept. Similar kind of elements are – elevated hood, black-out pillars and sculpted rear quarter panels. Alterations include redesigned front intakes, side mirrors and the loss of the conceptual headlamps and tail lamps.

But the final specs not announced by Toyota yet.

It will more known as FCV and will offer a range of about 420 miles, and will recharge in about three minutes. So it’s quite fast.

When will be in Market?

If you are thinking about to get test drive or buy it then you should wait up to next year. As this Toyota’s FCV Car will be introduced first in Japan around April 2015, summer 2015 for Europe and North America.  It’s price will be around seven million yen (approximately £40,450 and US$69,000).

Karl Schlicht, Executive Vice President Toyota Motor Europe, said: “We are very excited by the arrival of fuel cell technology. Of course there are many challenges ahead, such as the availability of fuelling infrastructure and customer awareness. But our history with hybrid gives us all the experience we need to bring a new technology to the market.

In Europe we will be taking it step by step, gradually introducing the car in selected markets. But we are confident that hydrogen will become increasingly popular as a way of powering vehicles.”