Toyota Recall Again as Troubles Continue to Mount

November 14, 2012

Toyota have revealed they are to recall another 2.7 million cars globally just four weeks after announcing the recalling of 7 million cars worldwide for a multitude of manufactured faults. This time the faults include the determination of the steering system and water pump issues. Toyota have said that the 75,000 owners have been affected in the UK.

Models recalled include the Prius, Corolla and the Camry among 9 total that have been identified as potentially faulty. Toyota however said that the recall was precautionary and no one has yet to report an accident or damage from the described faults. All the models are also previous generation cars and all new cars on sale today are not affected. 

toyota prius for recall articleThe news has come as yet another blow to Toyota as ongoing recalling efforts are damaging the reputation of the company. Since 2009 the latest announcements means close to 22 million Toyota’s have been recalled after 2 separate unrelated issues saw the recalling of 12 million cars in 2009 and 7 million last month.

Owners will be contacted by Toyota to arrange for the cars to be taken to an approved dealer to be fixed. The work to be carried out should take about an hour.  

“Nobody is perfect. Vehicles nowadays are very complicated,” said Koichi Sugimoto, an auto analyst with BNP Paribas in Tokyo. He Added “The company is taking appropriate measures to fix the problems, so I don’t think this will cause significant damage to Toyota’s reputation.” 

More information from the BBC