Toyota Mirai – the name confirmed for hydrogen fuel cell car

November 18, 2014

Say hello to ‘Mirai’! That’s the new name of Toyota’s new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle – it means ‘future’ in Japanese. Mirai arrives in the UK next year.

The Japanese manufacturer Toyota has finally announced the name of its fuel cell vehicle and the Mirai name means future, represents a new game-changer technology for the automotive industry, offering the promise of a world that is safer, greener and easier for everyone. Toyota promises the new cell vehicle designed and has the cruising range of a conventional saloon, can be refilled in less than five minutes and emits only water vapour that means the car is fully environmental and user friendly lets you have it all with no compromises.

“Mileage and refuelling time is the main highlight of the Mirai”

This four door sedan car can travel up to 300 miles on a single tank of hydrogen and can be refuelled in just five minutes plus emits only water vapour.

The hydrogen can be made from virtually anything, even from garbage, means we are using recycled resources and creates enough electricity to generate the power to run the car.

The fuel cell vehicle has been passed from many stages such as millions of miles have been tested for around 10 years on public roads in all the weather conditions, and it passed from extensive crash tests. The local governments and researchers around the world have been tested to make sure the Mirai is safe, easy and convenient of refuel. And now Mirai is ready to deliver !

The test driver said, the car is truly fun to drive and has a low centre of gravity which gives it very dynamic handling that represents the bright future…

“Toyota is launching the Mirai in Japan on 15 December, before it goes on sale there in April. The Mirai will then make its debut in Europe (including UK market) and US towards the middle of next year.”

In below video, Akio Toyoda introduces Toyota’s “Mirai” Fuel Cell Sedan –

The power output is rumoured to be around 135bhp – almost similar to its rival Honda’s FCX and comparable to a regular family saloon car. Prices of the Mirai in Japan are expected to be around £45,000 but for the UK market, Toyota is waiting if the UK Government will provide the similar cash subsidies for electric cars before to confirm the prices.

Are you excited to see the new game changer of the automotive industry? We are waiting to see the Toyota Mirai in UK market next year.