Toyota Hybrid – New Toyota Auris Touring Sport Driven

August 11, 2014

We take a close look of Toyota Auris Touring Sport Hybrid car at our Car Leasing Made Simple Office.

About Toyota Hybrid Technology

Toyota have worked very hard and built hybrid technology cars. This is not electric and not petrol. This is hybrid combines electric-petrol together. There is nothing to charge the car to run. The battery of the car charges itself from petrol so that needs to fill up.

About Toyota Hybrid Auris Touring Sport

The Toyota’s hybrid model of Auris Touring Sport is looks like an normal Toyota Auris model with some extra length that we called estate in simple way. The new shape of Auris Touring Sport is very practical and reliable with plenty of load space.

Toyota Auris Hybrid – Available models

The Auris hybrid model available in three ranges – Icon hybrid, Icon Plus hybrid and Excel hybrid in two choice of shapes Hatchback and new Touring Sport.

Toyota Auris Hybrid – Efficient Hybrid Engine

Toyota Auris hybrid model available in 1.8 liter petrol engine for both hatchback and touring sport model. It available only automatic engine.

The standard Icon hybrid model of Auris release co2 emissions of just 84g/km with fuel economy – 74.3mpg which is very impressive and cheap to run.

Toyota Auris Hybrid – Practicality and Reliability

The Auris hybrid hatchback looks similar as standard Auris model where as Auris hybrid Touring Sport have got some bigger length.

Toyota Auris Hybrid Touring Sport Cabin Space

There is plenty of space available at luggage cabin that sounds practical. The interior features new tech features such as smart start & stop technology, intelligent park assist, in built navigation system, cruise control, leather instrument panel inlay with LED daylight running lights etc…

[one_third] Toyota Auris Hybrid Touring Sport [/one_third]

[one_third]Toyota Auris Hybrid Touring Sport [/one_third]

[one_third_last]Toyota Auris Hybrid Touring Sport [/one_third_last]

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What we say about Toyota Auris Hybrid car

Toyota Auris is very popular model and hybrid is the new technology that features in Auris. So we Toyota hybrid Auris also will make its demand slowly. The car sounds practical, it has an excellent drive train with its big in front, spacious inside and big luggage cabin. We think, Auris can fit needs remarkably well.