Top electric cars

July 29, 2014

As car manufacturer are more concern and going towards green technology. There are some nice electric cars available in the market today but always its a confusing that what are the best option available.

Here are top electric cars that we have added in our list.

Nissan Leaf

Nissan leaf

Nissan leaf is seemingly top electric car with sold around 110,000 models worldwide globally since December 2011 it launched. Nissan leaf have made a big name in history of electric cars. As people think that electric cars are noisy and hard to drive not gives then Nissan leaf is the best choice proves green technology gives smooth, comfortable and very economical driving experience and gives all the features of petrol and diesel car with green technology to consider.

Nissan Leaf is hatchback family car ideal for business and personal use.

BMW i3


The power of BMW have included in BMW i3 model and one of the big rival of leaf that we can say. BMW i3 is the model that coming in premium product.

BMW i3 have got a more futuristic look and a departure from the classic BMW design that to love about. i3 gives smooth, comfortable and economical drive. BMW i3 size have got standard hatchback car but inside have more space, also very lightweight.

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BMW i8

BMW i8

BMW i8 seeming like a dream car, have got amazing stylist and sensational look. BMW i8 feels relaxed, smooth and quick. Design wise, it sounds rival of Audi R8 and Porsche 911. Its bit pricier so not chocie for normal people. but it definitely a powerful model.

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Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S have got aluminum with steel body is the big strength. Tesla Model S is the electric model challenges like what an electric car is and can do, there is nothing to compromise to have an electric car just to achieve to be part of green technology.

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Smart Fortwo 

Smart Fortwo electric

Smart Fortwo electic uses a small but efficient 55 KW motor that gives an impressive range of nearly 70 miles. As it have got nice green look. Smart Fortwo is the choice to stand out from the crowd, best for cities.

Volkswagen e-Golf


Volkswagen’s second electric car after Volkswagen Up. E-Golf is the electric version of popular VW Golf. As it has five passenger seats fits for ideal family car range.

Volkswagen Up

Volkswagen e-up

An affordable, reliable and flexible Volkswagen Up gives comfortable and enjoyable driving experience. In January,  e-Up was the second largest electric selling car in Norway after Nissan Leaf where as 3rd in Denmark and 2nd in Sweden.

Renault Twizy

Renault Twizy

Renauly Twizy is a cute and fun electric car, as it’s a two seater car not ideal for family but  best and affordable if you are consider yourself to drive.

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These are the top electric cars for its strong electric technology to meet the needs of twenty-first century.