The Renault-Nissan Alliance and Its Dream of Autonomous Cars

January 27, 2016

The Renault-Nissan Alliance continues to bring the competition on its toes, perhaps even on its knees! With its plan to launch over 10 mass market affordable cars featuring autonomous technology in the next 4 years, the Alliance is on track to achieve its twin goals of zero fatalities and zero emissions – or at least, Carlos Ghosn, the Alliance’s CEO, asserts in his latest statement.

According to reports, up to 90% of casualties on the road are due to driver error. The impact of vehicle emissions on humanity’s woes regarding environmental degradation, including climate change, cannot be dismissed either.

The Alliance is committed to the development of mainstream cars with autonomous driving and connectivity features for the mass market in three continents. This will also help the Alliance be competitive in future markets especially as many of its competitors, including Volkswagen, are already at work on their own autonomous cars.

Aside from the autonomous driving technology, the Alliance is also working on zero-emissions cars. It believes these eco-friendly vehicles are essential in the sustainable motoring environment of the future. It has sold approximately 300,000 all-electric cars since 2010 with many more planned for the coming years.

The Alliance plans to roll out the autonomous driving technology in several phases through the years. In 2016, cars with single-lane control will be launched. In 2018, the multiple-lane control will be introduced; the feature allows a car to automatically change lanes. In 2020, a more comprehensive system that allows a car to deal with busy city traffic including junctions will be rolled out.