The New York Auto Show: The new Kia Sedona and better driving technology

April 16, 2014

The new Kia Sedona was unveiled at the New York motor show yesterday, with speed alert technology included in its “Infotainement & telematics System”. The New York auto show, open for the press yesterday and will be open ahead of the Easter break. Fox news reported that:

“Much of the focus at the auto show will be on new connected car systems and technologies. Safety advocates are already talking about two long-awaited initiatives, rear-view camera systems and vehicle-to-vehicle communications.”
[New York AutoShow is all about Technology, John R Quain 15th April]

We also saw this kind of new technology at the Silverstone Fleet Show 2014 with the rear parking systems of the Tesla S Type, and for more modest drivers in the Nissan Leaf also.  Nothing new here however, we remember the Ford Driver assist technology that was rolled out in 2012 amid child safety concerns in both Europe and America. However rear view cameras are not as of yet common place but we are not far from new safety features such as vehicle to vehicle communications and sophisticated camera systems becoming standard equipment. This years Nissan leaf already gives us an around view of your parking which includes a sophisticated aerial view allowing for accurate and safer parking.


Now you might be thinking whats wrong with the old mirror checks, chucking your head around to see out the back, but often it can be very difficult to judge visually whats below bumper height. Child deaths by reversing has become such an issue in the US that in May 2018 all cars must be installed with rear view safety cameras. No wonder then that major car manufacturers like Ford will be making rear view cameras standard equipment from 2015.

Tesla display

The Tesla features a 17″ touchscreen display

We saw at the Fleet Show 2014 how many cars are becoming more like our mobile phones with full app integration. The Tesla for example  features a 17″ touchscreen display with social media functions as well as music apps. Its not all about Facebook and Twitter however. The screen has more practical functions serving as an on board computer where you can adjust suspension, ride height and sun roof and like the Nissan Leaf it offers regenerative breaking.


The Nissan leaf offers regenerative breaking

Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication systems or (V2V) are another advancement discussed in the earlier mentioned Fox article. It allows vehicles to communicate each others speed and breaking helping improve driver reaction times as our roads become more full [The UK not being an exception to that rule].

Vehicle to vehicle communications trials were held in 6 US cities including Dallas and San Francisco in 2011 leading to a a recent announcement from the NHTSA (the american equivalent of the Department for transport)

“By helping drivers avoid crashes, this technology will play a key role in improving the way people get where they need to go while ensuring that the U.S. remains the leader in the global automotive industry.” [Anthony Foxx, NHTSA Febuary 3 2014]

With America leading the way in implementing V2V technology infrastructure will the UK follow suit?

Leaving you with the question we wish you a Happy Easter,

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