The New Audi RS Q3

October 2, 2013

Information about the new Audi RS Q3 has been revealed ahead of it being presented at the 2013 Geneva International Motor Show. It is the first Audi SUV to be graced with the RS name and badge. It becomes the fourth RS model Audi have launched in 2013 amongst their plethora of other releases such as the new A3 Cabriolet.

So, what makes it so special? Well, it takes 5.5 seconds to go from 0-62 mph and has an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph. Its 2.5 litre TFSI five cylinder turbo can churn out 310 hp, no wonder it has been named the “International Engine of the Year”. The engine is a slightly reigned in version of the one that was fitted in the now discontinued RS3. Considering these performance levels MPG sits at a reasonable but not fantastic 26.73.


When it comes to driving the Audi drive select system allows drivers to choose from 3 modes, auto, comfort and dynamic. This then directly effects the flap positioning on the exhaust influencing engine response and noise levels. Audi states that dynamic mode results in the most responsive engine and sharpest noise feedback.

The Audi RS Q3 Has Lift Off

The new Audi RS Q3 comes as standard with a seven-speed S tronic gearbox. The seventh gear is fitted with a long gear ratio to help with fuel consumption levels. The gearbox has both an automatic and manual setting that you can choose from depending on your driving mood. The car also comes with a launch control function to help stop you from spinning your wheels if you put a bit too much pedal to the metal.

The RS sports suspension allows the SUV’s body to be lowered by 25mm (something Audi seems to strive to do with each release, except for the Nanuk of course). Additionally to this the rear suspension works independently to provide further comfort.

Weight saving was also at the front of the engineers minds when it came to the design of the new Audi Q3 RS as well. The front brakes are fitted with a wave design which helps to shave off a kilogram of weight at the front tyres, it may not seem like much but every little really does help. The car’s electronic stabilisation control has a sports mode but it can also be deactivated.

Audi-RS_Q3_2014_interiorTo help frame the brakes the new Audi Q3 RS comes with 19 inch alloys as standard as well as three 20 inch offerings. As you would expect, RS branding adorns the cars exterior and interior. Alongside this the car features RS exclusive design features. These include matte aluminium body accents and roof rails, exclusive door strips and plates, a black honeycomb front grille and an RS front bumper. The car also features a sport roof spoiler, specialised rear diffuser and elliptical tailpipe.

Painting The New Audi Q3 RS

Paint choices give you a reasonable amount of customisation with 8 different colours, including the exclusive Sepang Blue pearl effect, available. You can also choose to go for an optional styling package of matte aluminium or black which colours features such as the diffuser trim and spoiler fins. Interior styling can also be customised with the standard black headlining being changeable for the optional silver headlining.

Other features that come as standard in the new Audi RS Q3 include xenon head and taillights, a ten loudspeaker audio system and park assist plus. The infotainment system can also be well equipped if you don’t mind forking out. Depending on your budget it can include MMI navigation plus, a 14 loudspeaker surround sound system from Bose, bluetooth and WLAN phone connectivity and advanced driver assistance systems (think active lane assist).

So, What’s The new Audi Q3 RS Price?

In Germany the base Audi Q3 RS price will be €54,600, that’s $73,862 for our American readers. British prices are expected to start around the £43,000 mark. Deliveries will begin towards the end of this year. Interested in leasing the new Audi RS Q3? Then why not take a look at our fantastic leasing deal.

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Written by Ryan Hill