The Fleet Show 2014

April 10, 2014

We were delighted to have attended the Fleet show 2014 yesterday taking place at the prestigious Silverstone race track. With many great cars on display, and with the opportunity to put them to the test on Fleet Worlds specially designed course on the English raceway, we were absolutely spoiled for choice. The day was attended in force by major car manufacturers as well as major players in the fleet industry, but this is a blog about cars not us.

Tesla S Type and Joanna Lumley

Tesla S Type electric sports car

If you didn’t catch it the first time here is a quote from Mr talking about hot new exotica sports car kit The Tesla S type:

“Zoom-zoomy, that’s-what-they-call-it-when-I’m-in-my-car-with-a-lot-of,room-roomy”
[Joanna Lumley Meets BBC 28th March]

This was in an interview with British TV royalty Joanna Lumley on the 29th March. Driven by, the sports car monster from space that is the Tesla S type, was available for a test drive for us on the holy Silverstone track. Unfortunately such a popular luxury car was fully booked so no Tesla joy for us [but we shall see what the future brings…]

However we did get some interesting pictures for you to see and had a fantastic time on the Silverstone soil. So without further ado here is our spotlight at the Fleet Show 2014.

The Tesla S Type

Tesla display

[who’s that fool blocking my Hollywood drive!?]

A truly excellent fully electric sports cars with prices ranging roughly between  £50k and £70k according the their website. Its Silicon valley roots means that the interiors and dashboards are fully integrated for all your app and gadget needs. We found the rear view camera particularly amusing. The is also a size-able display  [A massive 17 inches], as well as much other gadget kit, we can no doubt guess that apart from the speed [0-60 in 5.6s and 310kw/416hp] the Tesla’s interior gadgets would be a major attraction for the tech savvy

The Nissan Leaf


Nissan leaf

For those of us with more modest A-B needs the Nissan Leaf offers an excellent city commuter car and we feel it has some excellent features. Electric cars in general have had major criticism over the years (mainly from certain TV driving “experts”). This vehicle is definitely not “a milk-float”.

The Nissan leaf is well proportioned, and has great response times behind the wheel as our new Fleet Manager Jane Knight found out:

“I found the vehicle responsive and can agree with the What Car Quote – 
The claimed 0-60 mph time of 11.5 seconds doesn’t look that impressive, but believe us, the Leaf feels much faster than that”

When it was my turn to sit in the vehicle I found the experience to be very pleasant. The most enjoyable experience about the leaf is the comfortable silence. There is a real peace created from the careful wind reduction design features, such as the tapered headlights and aerodynamic aerial. You have the feeling of driving inside a pleasant sanctuary which is actually quite refreshing.

Performance and battery life also go hand in hand. Its “DB” mode turns your breaking power into battery life, and with a range of 80 miles there is the potential for some great electric fuel savings along the way. The leafs Eco mode also extends battery life and barely effects response times. In short its a very nippy go around and we feel one of the more economic electric vehicles we saw yesterday. You can lease the Nissan Leaf from us here.

Our experience of the fleet show 2014

Nothing was held back from the Fleet show 2014 at Silverstone. You could take vehicle on Silverstone’s off road track, or be driven be an advanced driver. On tarmac for the first time ever at Silverstone they merged both the national and international raceways allowing visitors to put the different vehicles  to the test. There were a great deal of big industry names like Nissan, Tesla, Jaguar, Renault, and Honda. As well as many other suppliers and manufacturers to the fleet industry. The track glowed magnificently in the glorious Silverstone sun yesterday and we had a fantastic time. We would like to thank the Fleet World team for organising a spectacular event. Definitely a date for your calendar.

Yours Sincerely,

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