Teatox: Match up the perfect cars to the perfect teas!

March 5, 2015

Are you a tea drinker and a car lover? Are you still doing your “Teatox” as part of a New Year’s resolution?

Here at Car Leasing Made Simple we thought we’d do our very own Teatox and match up the perfect cars to the perfect teas!

We know most people love a good cuppa – especially when working in an office environment!

1) Everyday – Affordable

Everyday - Affordable

Budgeters and careful spenders!
Everyday tea is a popular choice. It’s simple and It does the job!

Popular Everyday Cars:

2) English Breakfast – Classic

English Breakfast - Classic

English Breakfast – Classic
When you think of a good, classic cuppa – I bet you’re thinking of a cup of English Breakfast tea!
A good classic brew deserves a good classic car! 

Typical British Cars:

3) Green Tea – Electric Cars

Green Tea - Electric CarsCalling all Eco Warriors! Green tea helps cleanse!
Electric cars are the perfect vehicles for all you green tea drinkers! Help cleanse the environment!

Popular Electric Cars:

4) Camomile – Automatic

Camomile - Automatic

Camomile is a calming tea that is typically used to help people relax. When I think of relaxing cars, I think of automatics and parking assist!

Automatic Only Cars:

5) Spicy Chai – Luxury Cars

Spicy Chai - Luxury Cars

We think a spicy, full bodied tea deserves a sexy full bodied car! Boil the kettle and dream of Maseratis, Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

Popular “Spicy” Cars:

6) Earl Grey – Hybrid

Earl Grey - Hybrid

Earl Grey is flavoured with Bergamot orange which is likely a hybrid of lemon and orange. So for all you hybrid tea drinkers; may we suggest the hybrid car!

Popular Hybrid Cars:

Stay warm and relax with our teatox! If you want to find your perfect car then simply call our sales team on 0800 458 0113 (free from a land line) to find the best vehicle for you!