Socially Responsible Car Manufacturing Giants To Re-Name Its Latest Hatchback

February 10, 2016

Indian car manufacturing giants Tata Motors has had to quickly re-think the name of its new hatchback. Originally it was going to be called Tata Zica, a contraction for Zippy Car, however, the company took the decision to re-name the car as Zica sounded too much like Zika, the mosquito transmitted virus that the World Health Organisation has declared as an international health care emergency, even though the car’s launch had already been scheduled, including a huge marketing campaign featuring Argentinian football legend Lionel Messi.

The name change won’t be easy, it means that the company will have to obtain new certifications from ARA (Automotive Research Association of India) the government body that tests and gives its stamp of approval on any new car model before it goes on the road, rebuild the brand and delay the launch.

The car is currently on display at the New Delhi motor show under the name Tata Zica, but it understood that the car’s new name will be announced and applied within a matter of weeks.

First reviews of the Zica are encouraging. From its swept back headlamps and oversize front grille to its prominent full length crease and large tail lights, the design has a fresh, contemporary edge. The top of the range model also has 14 inch alloy wheels with a distinctive design, along with small rear aero spoilers giving it a chic, sporty look. The interior has a classy style and look, with cloth seating and an impressive dash layout for a small car.

All-in-all, and despite the set backs, the Tata Motor company look to have designed and built a hatchback that rivals its Korean and Japanese counterparts.