Smog: Air pollution in the UK!

April 4, 2014

I only ever bring good news car lovers. Firstly the smog was not the best of news and secondly it’s not news anymore. The good news is that anyone heading down to Aintree on Sunday will have better grand national odds knowing that their winning horse isn’t wearing a face mask as the smog clears.

Anyone heading down to Aintree on Sunday will have better grand national odds knowing that their winning horse isn't wearing a face mask

“Anyone heading down to Aintree on Sunday will have better grand national odds knowing that their winning horse isn’t wearing a face mask “

I have read air pollution articles, smog articles, air pollution information and the causes of smog. I can tell you that from my intense scientific research, I have come to the logical conclusion that it definitely wasn’t as bad as London in 1952. A simpler time where shoveling coal into our delightful automobiles was completely acceptable. Well not really, but you might be curious about the steam powered Doble E model from 1922, which demonstrates the awesome developments of automobile engineering over the years.


London Smog 1952 car leasing made simple

London Smog 1952

Fast forward to the future and you should see our hybrid and electric models are also definitely worth a look. Our smog issues were seemingly on a par with Poland, Google trends index [which tracks our search words] listed the terms “Poland smog” and “UK smog” with a score of 100 for both countries on April 3rd, so seemingly the smog in England was equally worrying. Not that there wasn’t any cause for concern, I felt like I had smoked 20 cigarettes in the heavy London haze making its way out to our offices, and some of our lovely cars got very dirty! It’s not surprising then that @asthmaUK tweeted yesterday that 30% of UK asthma sufferers had an asthma attack since the smog had started. There was even a 14% spike in 999 calls in the city according to our ambulance service (who also tweeted that same afternoon). Notable politicians stopped jogging and other person’s outdoor Yoga habits became indoor Yoga habits.

In case you didn’t know already (and we have being hearing a lot of this over the week) the formula for the “perfect storm” was as follows: Euro Pollution + our own filth + Saharan sand = not seeing the London gherkin so well.  The Rhine and Seine valley industries were seemingly contributing factors. The UK Smog however was still not as bad as 1952 with 4000 recorded deaths, but had it continued long term, like the thick pea souper Beijing smog, then we might have been looking at something more serious.

Beijing Smog

Beijing Smog [Guardian 6 April 2009] – its still there today

The UK smog has also raised some questions such as why 50% of us Brits still drive a diesel. It’s not diesels fault exactly. The cause of a lot of the “our own filth”  in that careful scientific formula of ours, comes from an incomplete combustion/burn of diesel. These micro particles are so fine they can pass through our very own human air filters deep into our lungs, making us cough a lot (and other more serious side effects). Diesel fuel however is more efficient these days but when parts become worn and clogged our diesel burns less efficiently, so make the most of our car maintenance plans. You also might be thinking, why aren’t we driving more fuel efficient cars like our electric and hybrid models. You may consider speed a factor but in a country where the maximum speed you can possibly legally go is 70 mph outside of a race track, a car with a top speed of 87 mph will do. Be honest, most of us lot don’t need race track ready speed, although having the enviable position to #leaseahurucan and a safe track to use it on is more than just the obvious status symbol. We might cast are mind back to ancient Top Gear episodes when electric vehicles first began arriving on the scene where everything [as well as the top speed] from the silence of the car to the charge life was (rightly) taken to pieces. In fact you will be interested and I’m sure delighted to know that the latest European legislation is that electric cars must make loud quacking noises to alert their presence to pedestrians. OK that’s unfortunately not entirely true, but TG enthusiasts might want to take a look at some of their latest hilarious sound choices, sadly quacking isn’t one of them.

I said I would bring you good news and that is because your car leasing experts have cars that tick all of the above boxes. I mean that they burn fuel efficiently, have reasonable charge times and can tackle our typical driving distances more comfortably. That and the fact that more and more councils and service stations have electric car charging stations means that we are all set for an electric vehicle future. We’re now in an age where we have electric buses rolling up to bus stops. There is an electric land rover and even an electric hummer. You car leasing experts have the electric hummer and more important London congestion charge exempt cars.  We also have some snazzy electric cars too. Why not check out our i3 or the VW golf, which was called. “the most convincing electric car ever made”[TG 21st March 2014] 
Electric vehicles are really coming into their own now.

So why not take a look our save the planet page for more information?

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