Seeing Black and White

March 17, 2014

New for 2014| The Audi Q3 DIESEL ESTATE 2.0 TDI and Ranger Rover Evoque Diesel 2.2 SD4

 “By 2018 we plan to invest a total of approximately €22 billion” says Audi Finance boss Axel Strotbeck [Headline Auto 12th march]. Expect to see new aluminum and carbon fiber body specs and snazzy LED Laser beam headlights coming your way. “A car with Laser beams I hear you say!?”  Yes baby boomers your future is very much being realized. You may even be able to let the car drive itself by the end of the decade. Not that I would suggest taking your lo-fi driving pleasures away from you, but  Audi is very much a future thinking brand.

The Audi Q3 2.0 TDI for 2014 (which is available to lease from us by the way)  has gorgeous kid glove leather S line interiors and yes it feels as snug as we imagine pooches in handbags (*aww*) I don’t know what you do with your pets but the Audi Q3 is a more logical stroking choice.

More logical stroking choice

The new Range Rover Evoque from Land Rover (also available to lease) see’s a new kind of creature to its boxy brother and at a fraction of the cost, more importantly with better fuel efficiency at about 30mpg. A big difference to your car leasing experience and wallet. It is of course as luxurious as the Q3, with similar luxury interiors.

Luscious interior

Luscious interior

Rather than compare the two, it’s better to look at them as two different characters. Although both are going to impress in the PTA meeting car park. It is true the Range Rover makes a bolder statement and the Audi Q3 is more conservative, but both pretty darn versatile off road. The Q3 with its on demand 4 wheel drive and Evoque with its Land Rover history. Not that you’ll be tearing up dirt with a car lease (we hope).  On road speed bumps are not an issue with an open mocha chino when it comes to the Evoque. In fact  both vehicles offer excellent suspension. The Q3 offering adaptive suspension with 4 drive modes including fuel saving eco. Not forgetting the Evoques sport mode. Not that you will be drag racing in a car lease either. Other noteworthy stuff is the Bose sound system in the Q3 and similarly excellent Meridian system in the evoke. Personally I would recommend leasing either car, parking somewhere tranquil, to let the smooth gadgety seat controls recline you. Ramping up the volume on the high quality speakers is probably a good idea also.

Lets not forget the S-tronic drive on the Q3…20140311_160625Choices between them come down to personality. The Evoque offers strong bold lines with an elegance not typical to range rovers. The Q3 also offers beauty to behold albeit with much more compact incognito appearance.  The Q3 is the smallest in Audi’s SUV range, and whilst the vehicle is compact, its interior is spacious including additional headroom in the back.  The leg room is at the least  comfortable and at the most do-able even for 6 footers like your lanky car lease blogger.

Dynamic lines

Dynamic lines

If you will taking the kiddies caravanning this year the Q3 can take on a tow of 2 metric tonnes and has a hefty 75kg roof capacity for the canoe. That’s rather a lot for a compact SUV don’t you think?  The Land rover also has great storage abilities, just fold the seats down to see this…

Large capacity boot

Large capacity boot in its morning glory

…and if your also heffing a caravan the Evoque includes trailer stability assist, traction control and roll stability control.

So if you are looking for practical luxury this spring at excellent car lease rates then look no further than yours truly,

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