Safe Driving Tips for Young Drivers

July 16, 2014

Have you passed your driving test? It feels great when you pass practical driving exam. After all having lots of practical class and practicing more and more, obvious that gives different feeling to have driving licensee in hand.

Survey says, young driver face more accident than experience drivers because of false of confidence.

Here are some safe driving tips for young driver –

1) Green  P plate

p plate for new drivers

Put green P plate on your car to inform other users that you are new driver. So they will give you more time and space in your driving and that will help you to increase your confidence.

2) Keep Concentrate

For new driver it’s important to keep total concentrate on driving at all time and avoid being put off by other passengers in the car as they may distract your driving.

3 ) Drive calmly

Seeing many new drivers, they have got habit to take friends in a car to show off and drive too fast. This can be very dangerous too drive fast.

Keep relax and drive calmly that will improve your driving skills and keep checking driving speed on dashboard.

If any aggressive driver wants to overtake you then allow extra room and let him go and come back on your position.

4) Do not Drink and Drive

For new driver, ideally do not drink and drive as Alcohol gives a false sense of confidence, reduces co-ordination, slows down reactions, and affects judgment of speed, distance and risk.

5) Plan Route

Planning is always good and when it comes to a longer drive, plan your route and plan to stop at least every 2 hours.

6) Get more training

There are many training classes available that you can take to improve your driving skills from AA, BSM etc… These advanced driving courses covers night driving, motorways or skids.

The penalties for new drivers are severe

Drive carefully and keep your safe from penalties. Remember that for new drivers you manage to get six penalty points within 24 months of throwing away your L-plates, your license will be lost and you’ll have to take your test again both theory and practical.

Remember, new drivers who are caught using a mobile phone at the wheel will get six points instead of the usual three, so switch it off and put it away while you are driving.

Practice makes perfect. So drive calmly and keep safety !!!!