Orders open for the 2015 BMW 1 Series

March 26, 2015

At Car Leasing Made Simple, we are pleased to announce the new 2015 BMW 1 Series is available on lease now with the first deliveries expected to be made this Summer.

It has been a few weeks since we learnt BMW gave a facelift to 1 Series, which we discussed in our earlier post here. The 2015 1 Series model made a strong public debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

The 1 Series is one of the most popular and respectable cars from the German brand. The company has made mild updates including styling, new range of engines and interior upgrades.

To maintain its premium badge, the 1 series has had major updates; see our comprehensive list here: 2015 1 Series facelift updates.

The new 1 Series is one of the most powerful compact hatchbacks in its class and is expected to write a fresh chapter in the compact model’s success story. The company has another reason to cherish the success of 1 Series; Regensburg Plant has had the two millionth model roll off the production line.

The 116d is the entry level model which has a three-cylinder 1.5 litre unit producing 114bhp (brake horse power) and emits just 94g/km (grams per kilometre) of CO2 with the standard six-speed manual gearbox. (dependant on tyre sizes)

Here is a engine specification details of the 2015 BMW 1 Series :

Petrol Fuel Consumption CO2 emissions Accelerates from 0-62 miles per hour Top Speed
118i 49.6-52.3 miles per gallon 125-133 grams per kilometre 8.5-8.7 seconds 130 miles per hour
120i 47.1-49.6 miles per gallon 133-140 grams per kilometre 7.2-7.4 seconds 138-140 miles per hour
125i 42.2-43.5 miles per gallon 151-157 grams per kilometre 6.2-6.4 seconds 151-152 miles per hour
M135i 35.3-37.7 miles per gallon 188 grams per kilometre 4.9-5.1 seconds 155 miles per hour
Diesel Fuel Consumption CO2 emissions Accelerates from 0-62 miles per hour Top Speed
116d 70.6-78.5 miles per gallon 94-106 grams per kilometre 10.3 seconds 124 miles per hour
116d ED 83.1 miles per gallon 89 grams per kilometre 10.4 seconds 121 miles per hour
118d 65.7-70.6 miles per gallon 104-114 grams per kilometre 8.1-8.3 seconds 132 miles per hour
120d 62.8-65.7 miles per gallon 114-118 grams per kilometre 7.0-7.1 seconds 142 miles per hour
120d xDrive 60.1-62.8 miles per gallon 119-124 grams per kilometre 6.8 seconds 138 miles per hour
125d 61.4 miles per gallon 121 grams per kilometre 6.3 seconds 149 miles per hour

Here is a size and dimension details :

External Dimensions
Height 1,421 millimetres
Length 4,329 millimetres
Width 1,765 millimetres
Wheelbase 2,690 millimetres
Interior Dimensions
Headroom (front/rear) 1,018 millimetres /972 millimetres
Shoulder room (front/rear) 1,436 millimetres /1,417 millimetres
Boot Space
Seats up 360 litres
Seats down 1,200 litres
Lightest 1,375 kilograms with 118i model
Heaviest 1,505 kilograms with M135i model

Tempted by the 1 Series? Register your interest!

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**Please Note – We have started taking orders for the 2015 BMW 1 series, with deliveries expected to be made in Summer however this is always an estimate and may move forward or back due to factory ordered allocation.