Nissan e-NV200 wins two major awards at the prestigious Greenfleet Awards 2014

November 4, 2014

The Japanese automaker Nissan celebrates a memorable double winning at the prestigious Greenfleet Awards 2014 in Warwickshire for its all electric Van – Nissan e-NV200.

Nissan eNV200 is an award winning electric van have achieved great success, thanks to Nissan’s great engineering brings this new generation electric vehicle worldwide that strongly required.

  • Nissan eNV200 was named “Industry Innovation of the Year” for its highly capable qualities helping fleet van operators slash both carbon emissions and whole life costs.
  • The brand has also received the “Outstanding Achievement” award for its great partnership with British Gas and Hitachi Capital Commercial Vehicle Solutions, for its hugely successful tri-party pilot of the e-NV200 on the British Gas fleet.

The Nissan eNV200 has received strong response from Judges and audience that noted the ‘rarely seen levels of anticipation’ that had surrounded the launch of e-NV200.

Marketing Manager of Greenfleet events, Colin Boyton commented – “ENV200 is an brilliant new generation vehicle that I truly believe it will shape the electric vehicle market from here on…”

Due to three way partnership project, British Gas leads 28 Nissan e-NV200 vans throughout the winter to determine the future viability of 100% electric vehicle technology as part of its 13,000 home services van fleet. The project has achieved huge  success and led to British Gas to place an order for 100 vehicle.

Colin Boyton also said: “The project stands out from the crowd and is exactly what the fleet sector needed in terms of EV viability. We hope others will sit up and take notice and if they achieve a fraction of what has been achieved here, that’s more worthwhile.”

The award collected by Barry Beeston, sales director of Nissan Motor GB Corporate and are very delighted to see the eNV200 being honoured in this way… The eNV200 is desinged for fleet operators and is very cheap to run with running costs of just two pence per mile contributing to reduced whole life costs and environmental benefits too..