New Skoda Octavia Scout

July 8, 2014

The new Skoda Octavia Scout made its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in early March 2014. Skoda Octavia Scout is the latest model of Skoda Group.

Skoda Octavia Scout – A Perfect Family Car

Skoda Octavia Scout - Rear look


Skoda Octavia Scout is sounds perfect for family car as its bigger and plenty of  space, 5 doors, modern safety, comfort and engine technologies.



1)  Powerful

If we go more technical then Skoda Octavia Scout is characterized by a powerful, outstanding driving performance even on rough roads, its powerful all-wheel drive and robust off-road look. 

2)  Style

Its a crossover estate car, have got great distinctive design with black plastic moulding bumper, sharp fog lights are exclusive Scout design. The rear of Octavia Scout have got clean designed with uncluttered lines. Two reflectors are integrated into the right and left of the bumper (cat’s eyes).

The interior has been specially designed for the Scout and the door sills bear the Scout lettering and the trims are in a unique Scout design. The Color availability of dashboard in either the classic black or black/brown combination and seats are available in either brown fabric or in leather/Alcantara combination (brown or black).

3)  Spacious

The Octavia Scout is same spacious as the Octavia Combi. The passenger compartment is one of the main feature of this Scout. It has given great interior , headroom capacity also the boot has a 610 litre capacity. The front passenger seat is folded down and allow to put items up to 2.92 meters in length can also be accommodated.

4)  Engines

The Octavia Scout going to avaialble in three engines to choose, there two are diesel and one is petrol. All engines are more powerful and economical as well. Also they are 29kg lighter.

Diesel – 2.0 TDI/135 kW (184 PS)

  • Automatic six-speed dual-clutch transmission (DSG)
  • fuel consumption is only 5.1 litres/100 km with CO2 emissions of 134 g/km. 

Diesel – 2.0 TDI/110 kW (150 PS)

  • Manual six-speed dual-clutch transmission (DSG)
  • Fuel consumption – 5.1 litres/100 km with a CO2 emission value of 129 g/km. 

Petrol – 1.8 TSI/132 kW (180 PS)

  • Automatic six-speed DSG.
  • Fuel consumption is 6.9 litres/100 km with CO2 emissions of 158 g/km.

5)  Safety Technology

Safety prospective, the Octavia Scout have given nine airbags and state-of-the-art 3-point seatbelts protect the occupants in the event of an accident. The regular features are front Assistant with emergency braking function, Lane Assistant, multi-collision brake with automatic braking in the event of an accident, Crew Protect Assistant for vehicle safety in crash situations and driver activity assistant.

Market Availability –

The new Skoda Octavia Scout will be in market in August/September 2014.

Image Credit to Skoda Motors