New Nissan X-Trail achieved maximum EuroNCAP safety ratings

October 8, 2014

Here is another good news for new Nissan X-Trail have achieved maximum five star rating from independent safety organisation EuroNCAP. Nissan become one of the safest and protective car maker for safest crossover range including Nissan Qashqai and new Nissan X-Trail.

New X-Trail was launched earlier this year with Qashqai, and both models become very popular for innovative safety and technology features provide outstanding protection for driver and passengers.

Nissan X-Trail is the big brother of Qashqai offering great road handling, performance and fuel efficiency with driver safety features including –

1) Forward Emergency Braking

new nissan xtrailX-Trail is fitted with fully integrated radar system scans the road ahead and alerts driver if the car is very close to front car and if driver ignore it than X-trail brakes automatically to maintain the legal and safe gap.

2) Driver Attention Alert

Now a days, driver attention alerting become very popular and necessary requirement, especially when you do long driving. This driver attention alert system constantly monitor your driving input and driving style and then the system alerting you via a dashboard alert on the central combimeter, if your steering become irregular and indicates the driver to take a break.

3) Lane Departure Warning

Land departure waning become common that available in most of the common cars. However Nissan offers clever system to determine the car moving out the position very accurately. And If the driver does not respond then the system will sound a warning.

4) Traffic Sign Recognition

Nissan X Trail -  Traffic Sign Recognition

If you are driving too fast and missed the speed limit noticed waning, then Traffic sign recognition system helps you. It detects and inform the driver for legal speed limit. It is very accurate, even shows both wet and dry speed limits.

5) Moving Object Detection

The all new X-Trail comes with another parking safety level comes with front and rear parking sensors acclaimed around view monitor adds an extra level of protection. It takes the images and display on the large seven inch Nissan Connect screen.

6) Blind Spot Warning

X-Trail detects vehicles in the hidden blind spot area then a discreet warning light illuminates in the door mirror. If driver does not respond, the light flashes and sounds an alarm.

7) High Beam Assist

The high resolution camera detects the weather and traffic situation and tells you when to switch from low beam to high beam headlights.

All new Nissan X-Trail offers high numbers of safety features.

Take a look alternative SUV crossovers who have achieved maximum five star Euro NCAP crash safety ratings.

Toyota RAV4

Toyota Rav4

Land Rover Freelander 2

Land rover Freelander 2

Being so popular with families, safety is particularly important and the RAV4 was awarded five stars in Euro NCAP crash tests.

Freelander 2 was awarded a full five-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash tests, putting it at the top of its class.