New cars to be fitted with standard emergency call device by 2018

December 8, 2014

All-new cars and light commercial vans to be fitted with emergency call device as standard by 2018 to alert the authorities of a serious road accidents.

A European Parliament has moved closer to mandating the installation of an emergency call system as standard in all new cars and smaller light commercial vehicles. Earlier this week, MEPs voted to require all-new cars with emergency call system installed from 2018.

The emergency call system(e-call) will send an automated call to the emergency services department in the event of an accident.

Emergency call system for all new cars by 2018The proposal was originally made in 2012 but was delayed for a variety of reasons, including privacy concerns and other plans.

However, MEPs have changed the draft law to increase data protection so that eCall  equipped vehicles cannot tracked before an accident, In addition, the e-Call system information not to be passed to third parties without the consent of the personal concerned.

The new proposal requirement of the eCall system will provide the basic data to the emergency services such as :

  • Type of vehicle
  • Time of Accident
  • Location
  • Fuel Used

Before to implement the rule for car manufacturer, it needs to be formally approved by all EU member states by formal votes, that’s likely to take place in March next year. It does not apply to other vehicles, including buses, coaches or trucks; these would need a separate law.