New Car Road Tax Rule – No Paper Tax Disc from 1st October 2014

August 13, 2014

New Road Tax Rule

New Electronic road tax system coming from 1st October 2014. So new electronic road tax system taking place of tax paper disc road tax.

According to new road tax rule – you have to pay online Vehicle Excise Duty that known as road tax.. This can be done by direct debit on DVLA website(Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency), by phone or at post office branch.

So there is no need to display paper tax disc on a vehicle wind screen from 1st October 2014. If you have paid your road tax before 1st October 2014 then it will goes automatically into system.

Here are the ways to pay your road tax –

1) Pay online by Debit Card

You can pay your road tax online by choosing – 6 monthly and annually. Click here to pay your road tax online.

2) Pay by Phone

You can pay your road tax by phone as well – Telephone number : 0300 123 4321 or text phone : 0300 790 6201.

Please be aware about phone charges : approximately it charge 2p to 10p from landlines and 10p to 40p from mobile phones.

3) Pay at the Post Office

Go to your post office with your V11 reminder or V5C form and MOT test certificate if required.


Will most affect to buying and selling used car…..

If you are selling or buying an old car than you must need to aware about the changes as below –

Buying a vehicle : If you buy a vehicle from 1st October 2014, then the tax disc will not automatically transferred to your vehicle. You will need to get new vehicle tax before to use vehicle.

For that you need to fill the new keeper supplement(V5C/2) part of vehicle registration certificate(V5C) online at DVLA website, using automated phone service – 24hours and 7 days a week or you can do at post office branch.

Selling a vehicle : If you sell a vehicle after 1st October 2014, then notified DVLA and they will refund your money for any full calendar months left on road tax.


Check Road Tax Status Online

Check Road tax status online

Check Road tax status online

This is good news that you can check your vehicle’s road tax status online . This also can be used for rental vehicles. Click here to check your tax status online.

This is major road tax change have done by DVLA because the first paper tax disc was introduced in 1921 and now after 93 years it get change…But we like the change as it will make a positive impact that we think.


Let other people know…

This is a major road tax change have done by DVLA that will need to aware other people like your friends and family. So discuss and let them know about it…..