Mothering Sunday 2014

March 28, 2014


Is the answer to your question: When is mothers day?

Not to worry if you want to buy a gift its not too late unless you’re reading our post on Sunday. In which case we have some tips for you too [so pay close attention].

Good news if you’re a mother, this mothers day peace on earth is finally here, with our tips for a calm spring.It might be that if you’re a mother, your kids are treating you nicely and you’re tucked up somewhere warm in this wild early spring. At least we hope so. Your car leasing experts are an understanding bunch however and so perhaps you’re secretly muttering PAH! /By ‘eck / *choice of foul language* into a soothing 19th hole beverage glass, or just generally taking some sweet time out. I may be making [broad sweeping] assumptions here but we assume that you love cars, and because you love cars, that as a car loving mother you might not want a mothers day poem, or perhaps you would like your choice of poem/ funny mothers day quote hidden in the glove compartment of an SUV car lease [covered earlier this month]. Either way our tips and industry car knowledge this March is lovingly prepared. So hide the mothers day plush toy and since i’m not a representative of the mothers day UK committee I think its high time we give you and your loved ones our tips for a calm spring.

How about a nice Sunday drive?

In a nice clean car lovingly prepared by your other half / grown child can do this while you continue to *relax* (I Hope the “When Is Mothers Day?” lot is paying close attention!)

Airfilter Pollen Keep your nose looking and feeling posh this spring so replace the air filter in your AC for a-a-a-choo! [excuse me] sneeze-less spring.

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Clean/ change your air filter to avoid sneezing

Windscreen Bugs Visibility will be important as midges and itchy insects will be making a comeback to your screens. So top up on windscreen washer actually nope get them to do it…and while they are at it clean/ replace the wipers for a bug free Windscreen on your Sunday drive.

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Your car lease UK experts recommend a clean windscreen

Smooth Rolling  Your tyres might be misaligned after a very pothole ridden winter, so bad in fact the government is chucking a fair wedge [£24billion] on road infrastructure. We recommend taking your car to a reputable garage.

Engine anti freeze Don’t let the title fool you- anti freeze protects your car’s inner being from elemental corrosion all year round, so keep it level.

Needless to say if you’re car leasing this Spring our vehicles come nice and box shiny. We even ease some of your windscreen burdens. Take a look at some of our recommended cars this spring.

Nissan Qashqai

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Personal car lease nissan qashqai

Keep cool calm and collected with our latest Qashqai car lease this spring. It comes with Dual zone climate control and cruise control with a speed limiter, allowing smooth cruising this spring. The Qashqai also offers an optional smart vision pack helping you park easier with its front rear parking sensors, and auto braking systems. Our Personal car lease from only £232 pcm.

The Mini Hatch


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Mini coopers S hatch personal car lease

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Mini cooper S hatch mini personal car lease

Planning a long day out this spring? Our Mini Hatch models come with DAB digital radio, USB audio interface, and keyless start fitted as standard. The heated mirrors and washer jets take away all those visibility hassles. A stylish hatchback and with a personal car lease its as little as £213 pcm/inc VAT.

Audi Q3

Personal car lease Audi Q3

Personal car lease Audi Q3 – gorgeous interior.

Enjoy a bit of luxury this month with the latest Audi Q3. Your car leasing experts have been busy as always to bring you the latest car leasing deals and a bit of affordable luxury. We cannot forget its simply gorgeous S-line interior. Our Audi Q3 [covered earlier this month] is available as a personal lease or business lease starting at £343.72 pcm.

Whether you are looking for a business car lease, or a personal car lease we wish all mothers (including my mother) a very happy mothering sunday 2014 and a gorgeous Spring.

Lots of Love,

Your car leasing UK experts.