Mondeo, Passat & Lexus NX achieved five star crash ratings and Corsa, Mini falls short

December 4, 2014

New Ford Mondeo, Lexus NX, VW Passat and Land Rover Discovery Sport have all been achieved maximum five star crash safety ratings ahead of their UK arrival in 2015.

Vehicle safety assessors Euro NCAP have been carried out the safety test that targeted at widely different consumer groups covering a broad range of vehicle categories and composed the results in four sub areas – occupant protection for adults and children, pedestrian protection and security support.

The new models including Ford Mondeo, Lexus NX, Land Rover Discovery Sport and VW Passat have been scored five stars that normally we expect from luxury models.

Vehicle safety assessors Euro NCAP also dished out top safety ratings to the Porsche Macan despite the lack of a standard fit self-braking system, a feature which is becoming commonplace in many luxury models these days.

Lexus NX 300h – Five Star

Lexus NX 300h is the hybrid crossover have proved its safety by achieving maximum five star rating proves that it’s a safe car that help avoid or mitigate injuries in collision. Scored 82 percent for both adult and child occupant protection, 69 percent for pedestrian and 71 for safety assist.

The car brimming with adaptive cruise control, pre-crash safety system, reversing camera, multiple airbags, brake assist, EBD, ABS, vehicle stabiliser, traction control, hill start assist and tyre pressure monitoring as standard.

Ford Mondeo – Five Star

Euro NCAP crash test Ford Mondeo 2015

Euro NCAP crash test Ford Mondeo 2015

Ford Mondeo is the hybrid car comes in different body styles – hatchback, saloon and estate. Euro NCAP have tested 2.0 litre diesel Trend/wagon, LHD model has successfully achieved five star ratings with good score – 86% adult, 82% children, 66% for pedestrian and safety assist.

Ford Mondeo is the first Ford car to offer pre-collision assist with pedestrian detection which automatically applies the brakes if people are identified on the road ahead. It also has inflatable rear seatbelts and offers nine airbags including driver-knee bolster airbag.

New VW Passat – Five Star

New VW Passat saloon and estate have awarded the maximum ratings of five stars. Managed to obtain 85 percent in Adult Occupant, 87 percent in Child Occupant, 66 percent in Pedestrian safety and 76 percent in Safety Assist.

VW Passat offers a variety of optionally available assistance systems which helps to avoid collision such as pre-crash safety system, traffic jam assist, emergency assist as well as trailer assists. The standard feature includes – ABS, ESP, EBD, multiple airbags, automatic post collision braking, brake assist, hill assist and tyre pressure monitoring system.

Land Rover Discovery Sport – Five Star

The Land Rover Discovery Sport has become the top star amongst the list below. Discovery Sport is a very advanced high tech car that has proved the brand’s qualities with not just five scores but with good scores too. Scored excellent 93% for adult occupant safety, 83 % child safety, 69% pedestrian and 82% for safety assist.

Discovery Sport is the first Land rover is featuring all-new safety features such as – pedestrian airbag and autonomous emergency braking system. This 5+2 seater car ensures a high standard of occupant protection for people and all ages.

In success of Discovery Sport, the Director of Land Rover Programmes, Murray Dietsch commented, “The entire safety team worked hard to ensure that the Discovery Sport delivered levels of safety never before seen in any small SUV car. All our products are tested to our safety standards carefully under all legal and consuming standards. We are proud to have no compromises on this.”

Kia Sorento – Five star

The all-new Kia Sorento 4*4 estate has also achieved full five star crash safety ratings and scored highly in all four areas (90% – Adult Occupant Protection, 83 % – Child Occupant Protection, 67 % – Pedestrian Protection and 71% – Safety Assist).

The body of Sorento has been made up of 52.7 percent ultra-high tensile steel (UHTS) aiding the integrity of the car’s core structure and 10.1 percent ultra-strong hot-stamped steel that greatly strengthening the A and B-pillars.

All Sorento models come with numerous standard features including ABS/EBD, emergency stopping, hill start assist, intelligent all wheel drive, multiple airbags, speed sensing auto door locking and anti theft system.

Porsche Macan – Five Star

Porsche Macan - Frontal crash test 2014 - after crash

Porsche Macan – Frontal crash test 2014 – after crash

Porsche Macan is the first Porsche car that Euro NCAP has ever tested, and the SUV scored very well across the four categories. It did particularly well in the adult and child occupant protection. The car has managed to achieve five star despite not being fitted with an autonomous emergency braking(AEB) as standard. Overall, the driver chest protection, feet and ankles were rated as weak.

Smart Fortwo & Forfour – Four Star

The new small city cars – Smart Fortwo and Forfour have achieved four stars crash safety ratings. Both models have managed to achieve just 56% in the safety assist category due to lack of emergency braking system. A driver-set speed limiter is available as an option on both Fortwo and Forfour models which is expected to be fitted to most of the cars now.

Mini Cooper & Vauxhall Corsa – Four star

Mini Cooper has been missed out to achieve five stars due to low safety systems score of 56% for below-par chest protection, lack of lane assist system and absence of standard-fit AEB.

Vauxhall Corsa failed to achieve full five star ratings due to its weak level of protection for the chest and rear head, and the absence of self-braking option. Corsa is one of the most popular model in the Vauxhall and the supermini range, its a bit disappointing to see the four star rating for the Corsa when comparing with the five star Ford Fiesta.

Suzuki Celerio & Dacia Logan MPV – Three Star

At the other end of the scale, the Suzuki Celerio and Dacia Logan MPV was the lowest scoring cars in the latest round of results. Both cars have criticised for its poor score, especially in adult occupant protection category.

Full list of latest Euro NCAP ratings:

Vehicle Total Star Ratings
Adult Occupant Child Occupant Pedestrian Safety Assist
Land Rover Discovery Sport 5 93 % 83 % 69 % 82 %
Kia Sorento 5 90 % 83 % 67 % 71 %
Porsche Macan 5 88 % 87 % 60 % 66 %
Ford Mondeo 5 86 % 82 % 66 % 66 %
Subaru Outback 5 85 % 87 % 70 % 73 %
VW Passat 5 85 % 87 % 66 % 76 %
BMW 2 Series Active Tourer 5 84 % 85 % 60 % 70 %
Nissan Pulsar 5 84 % 81 % 75 % 68 %
Lexus NX 5 82 % 82 % 69 % 71 %
Tesla Model S 5 82 % 77 % 66 % 71 %
Skoda Fabia 5 81 % 81 % 69 % 69 %
Renault Megane Hatch 4 83 % 78 % 60 % 56 %
Smart Fortwo 4 82 % 80 % 56 % 56 %
Citroen C4 Cactus 4 82 % 79 % 80 % 56 %
Vauxhall Corsa 4 79 % 77 % 71 % 56 %
Mini Cooper 4 79 % 73 % 66 % 56 %
Smart Forfour 4 78 % 77 % 65 % 56 %
Suzuki Celerio 3 61 % 74 % 68 % 38 %
Dacia Logan MPV 3 57 % 75 % 55 % 38 %

If you are looking to get a new car, do not forget to check crash safety ratings as its’ very important for yourself and your vehicle safety.