Mercedes-Benz G Code Concept Car revealed

November 5, 2014

Say hello to new supermini-SUV concept car from Mercedes-Benz called the G-Code.

Mercedes has revealed the information and images of all new SUV supermini G Code concept car. Basically it looks roughly in size of the Nissan Juke and Audi’s upcoming Q1, that strongly indicates how a future compact SUV will be..

Head of Design of Diamler AG, Gorden Wagener says – “The G-Code is both beautiful and intelligent, and interprets our typical Mercedes Coupé design idiom,”

The Mercedes G-Code Design and Styling :

Mercedes-Benz G-Code concept car side view

The G-Code is 2+2 seater SUV is about 4.10 meters length is closely aligned with Juke and slightly smaller than Skoda Yeti. The car has muscular wheel arches, coupe like profile and counter opening doors. It is about 1.90 meters wider and 1.50 meters tall.

A coupe styled side line and eye catching look of the G-Code dynamically flowing greenhouse and extremely sporty propositions.

G-Code comes with big 21-inch aluminium wheels with delicate carbon-fibre spokes gives distinctive look the side line. Two full LED headlamps at the front adding up to the unique radiator grille. The G styled LED daytime running lights are attractive to grab attention.

Interior and Practicality :

Mercedes-Benz G-Code concept car rear viewThe 2+2 layout of the G-Code has enough space for 4 adults. The interior reflects the sportiness, combining the classic elements and high tech stimulates the senses that provides the G code even more authentic experience. The counter opening doors eliminates B pillar to offer unrestricted access for driver and passengers.

The interior is fully contrast the black and white painting for technical reasons. The black components such as dirt resistant floor covers and the carbon fibre seats supposed to visualise stability, durability and utility where as white interior components used for soft leather upholstery on seats and arm rests body comfort and wellness.

The shell designed seats are made with mix of carbon fibre and leather resemble sculptures. Furthermore it equipped with 3D body scanners monitors the physical parameters constantly and applies the cooling, heating temperatures automatically to ensures relaxed travelling on even long journeys.

The G Code is equipped with most innovative driver assistance systems the 360-degree monitoring of the surroundings via 3D cameras, infra-red scanner, radar, GPS data and an exchange of large volumes of data with the traffic infrastructure and other vehicles in the vicinity.

Innovative hybrid power-train Technology :

Mercedes-Benz G-Code concept car sideview

The car comes in plug-in hybrid power train which has three driving modes – while there’s an all-wheel-drive system with a “digital propshaft” that switches the new car between front, rear and all-wheel drive.

The fancy digital display changes the colour while activates the driving mode- pulsating blue at rest, switching to blue moving stars when in motion and fast-moving red stars if the driver selects “Hybrid Sport” mode.

  • E-drive mode : This mode is basically set up for maximum all electric operation that control strategies to focus on maximum energy efficiency and maximum driving comfort.
  • Eco mode : In addition to maximum drive comfort and hybrid efficiency, E-mode simultaneous use of the electric motor and the combustion engine.
  • Hybrid Sport mode : The sport mode brings the experience of a powerful sports car equipped with flap exhaust system.

The G-Code concept car is under the leadership of the main studio of Mercedes, located in Sindelfingen and the studio n in Beijing with plans to make preview for the Chinese market in 2016. However the Mercedes G-code also sounds impressive and also be a good fit for Europe, with a few tweaks – although certainly not before 2017.