Lexus is on the Top on Trusted Car Dealers Survey 2014

August 13, 2014

According to Auto Express driver Power Survey, Lexus comes on the top of trusted car dealers. Auto Express have taken survey of 50,000 views on owners to get result of trusted car dealers of 2014.

Here are the top 5 trusted car dealers –

best and worst car dealers 2014

Best & worst car dealers 2014 – Auto Express Survey Result

Lexus – 92.11% overall score

Lexus have secured its top position based on car dealers’ helpfulness & attitude, workmanship standard, cleanliness and atmosphere, technical knowledge, keeping informed on progress and dealer overall.

It proves that Lexus believe in highest standard quality to provide their customers.

Honda – 89.85% overall score

It’s good for Honda as well, after all securing second position on car dealer survey bitting Toyota and other car dealers. Particular, Honda owners appear to be more pleased with the attitude of local franchises than ever.

Porsche – 89.26% overall score

As Porsche car are very expensive, not common people can afford it. so Porsche overall score dropped down in value for money car. Otherwise Porsche can secure second position. On Porsche owner commented ‘Porsche dealers are very perfect and professional’. so there is nothing to look behind customer service wise apart from its price.

Skoda – 89.10% overall score

Skoda have maintained its reputation in Driver Power Satisfaction survey by Auto Express. Overall wise Skoda dealer provides great customer service to their customers.

Subaru – 89.09% overall score

From customer’s reviews Subaru have received mixed reviews some positive and negative too. It completely depend on how dealer treat their customers. But it’s not too bad, as we can see it on 5th position so no one know might get on 3rd or 4th position next year.