History of the Self Driving Car

Every day the self-driving car gets closer to becoming a reality of our roads. What must have appeared as science fiction 60 years ago is very much becoming science fact today.

While we’ve all heard of the Google Car and various semi-autonomous features being integrated in designs of cars such as the Model S Tesla, the history of the self-driving car actually goes back a lot further than that. It’s actually been a long and slow journey from the radio controlled vehicles of the early twentieth century to the dawn of the self-driving car today.

This has journey has seen a process of constant refinement and improvement and this infographic celebrates every step of that journey. What becomes clear as you trace the journey of the autonomous vehicle is that it won’t just be consumer vehicles that are self-driving. In fact, the impact will be more immediately felt in other sectors.

There are already self-driving trucks working in the mining areas of Australia and the US Army has been using self-driving carsĀ  as equipment transport for some time.

History of the Self Driving Car

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