Driving Tests of the World

Driving tests are an ordeal all of us have had to go through and we can all remember that feeling of our hands getting sweaty and our heart thumping as we sat in the car for our first driving test. At that moment many of us would have given anything for an easier way to get our licence.  Well in some countries they do have that easier test that we would have loved to take and gaining your driving licence is somewhat less of an ordeal. All these countries require of their prospective drivers is to answer some pretty easy (if sometimes bizarre) questions and at most be asked to take the car for a gentle drive. Some countries, on the other hand, have tests so difficult that it will take you many hours before you are ready for them, and even then you may fail before you even get into the car.

This infographic goes over some of the easiest tests in the world and what goes into passing some of the hardest. See if you can spot the correlation between test difficulty level and road fatality stats. We’ve also looked at some the oddest driving license requirements throughout the world, some of which we’d have loved to have done just for the experience.