Hot Hatches on the Road and We’re Loving It!

May 25, 2016

Why look for the best thing in the auto-mobile industry when many of the best things are already here? We’re talking about the hatches that are making waves among car aficionados with many manufacturers actually making their models even better or re-entering the market after semi-hibernation. As a car buyer, you will find that you will be spoiled with choices, many of which actually provide the best value for your money.

Take the Seat Leon Cupra 290, for example, which has an additional 10bhp and a baritone exhaust, both of which are hardly necessary but are bonuses, nonetheless, to sweeten the deal. With its six-speed manual gearbox, three-way differential, and limited-slip front differential, as well as strong brakes, this is a hatchback with a brilliant design, a set of responsive features, and a great grip – truly, one of the dark horses in the hatchback market worth considering by car buyers.

But the Cupra 290 is neither the best in its class nor the last word in hatchbacks although it is a great all-around model. The standards have been set high and the changes are fast-paced that you will likely find a better hatchback as each year passes. Many will even consider the Cupra 290 as an also-ran in the face of newer and better models, such as the Golf R and the Focus RS.

A few of the car manufacturers have even perfected the art and science that go into making better hatches. You should look at the Volkswagen, Renault, and Ford for the best models so far while Kia, BMW, and Mercedes are introducing their début efforts. You must also consider the merits of Honda and Peugeot’s hatches, both companies of which were once kings of the segment.

Plus, you will find that the European models are often equipped with newer, better and more features than their North American and Asian counterparts. This is not to say that you can snub the latter but only to say that you know where to look first.