Here is BMW i8 at Car Leasing Made Simple

September 18, 2014

BMW i8

An exciting news for Car Leasing Made Simple, an amazing, gorgeous and sexy BMW i8. arrived yesterday at our office… Only one world come from our mind is “Wow”, it looks like a dream car that we can imagine to get a chance to riding it.

Car Leasing Made Simple team explored the new BMW i8 at our office and here what we think of BMW i8

BMW i8 : Amazing stylist car

It’s an amazing stylist car that you cannot take your eyes from it. The front, back, seats, dashboard interior all have got wow factor….the highlight is the scissor opening doors that looks amazing how they opens and close…I thought the door could be heavy but its opposite, it’s very light and smooth.

Stylist headlights

The headlights are very stylist, narrow and comes with LED leaser technology that normally comes in sports car. The front lights are i-U shaped frame comes with daytime running lights.

i8 made with high quality materials such as carbon fibre and aluminium to make the BMW i8 lighter than Audi R8.

We take a look BMW i8 in black colour, also available in blue and grey colour.

BMW i8 : Powerful electric car

BMW i8 is second electric car in a range of ‘i series’ including BMW i3. In terms of rivals, BMW i8 is aimed at models like Audi R8 and Porsche 911 however its rivals uses fuel engines.

BMW i8 is the powerful electric car delivers great fuel efficiency that even none of the city cars cannot match it. You can get 0-62mph in just 4.4 seconds. The car includes 42 litre fuel tank that can cover upto 300 miles on full charge with fuel tank which is very impressive in its class. There are three driving modes available comfort, eco pro and sport. In comfort and Eco pro mode the BMW i8 can run on electric power alone about 22 miles at speeds of 45 miles per hour. In Eco friendly mode that you can drive on pure electric running for same range of mile at maximum speeds of 75 miles per hour. Basically i8 uses combination of electric motor and 1.5 litre powerful petrol engine that runs smooth and quicker.

Getting inside in BMW i8

Getting inside in BMW i8

Ones getting inside it gives great premium and luxury feeling. The high tech 8.8 inch HD touch screen and glass dashboard displays speedo, rev counter and energy use dials. The interior is made with light weight recyclable materials.

It’s a two door coupe car comes with two rear seats however it is squashed, there is no enough room for kids as well. However who would like to drive this shining i8 with kids.

BMW i8 Cabin spaceIf we see storage wise then you can put shopping bags only…. So there is no enough cabin space that BMW needs to think about it. Even though if you would like to get on in skirt, you need to be careful otherwise the doors can hurt.

Apart from style and wow factor, BMW i8 is secure as well, comes with great safety and driver assist features include autonomous braking, surrounding camera for easy parking and head up display for full vision. The car made with carbon fibre and aluminium that protects passengers and voltage battery as well.

Here are the more Pics of BMW i8

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We loved to see BMW i8, what do you think about it?