Green Car Guide – Nitrogen vs Electric cars

September 23, 2014

With all the hype of surrounding green cars –  electric, hybrid and the new Hydrogen powered fuel cells. That we can see hydrogen fuel cell cars are the new generation car that Toyota is bringing in its new model Toyota FCV will probably in UK market next year 2015.

Hydrogen fuel cell powered cars have been routed as the next big thing in automotive industry when it comes to environmental friendly transportation. But there is another abundant element is coming in future which is nitrogen gas. The myths says, the liquid nitrogen gas is the major alternative to hydrogen car that we can see in future.

Liquid nitrogen powered cars are not a new idea, these cars already been developed by researchers at the University of Washington in 2000 and the car named – LN2000, reached speeds of 22mph.


Nitrogen gas cars powered by liquid nitrogen which is stored in tank. Nitrogen has great potential as an alternative fuel that can be produced from a wide range of primary energy sources. It’s quite easy to store, transport and compressed. Nitrogen gas car has higher energy density than batteries and better mileage.


Nitrogen cars would be another green car and could be better than electric car.

  • Better mileage and higher energy density than electric cars
  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • Liquid nitrogen tanks can be disposed or recycled with less pollution than batteries
  • Refilled tank more often and in less time than batteries can be recharged.
  • Much lighter and refilling its tank takes only about 10-15 minutes. 

Also have heard that nitrogen cars could be cheaper to build than electric car so we can probably say, the market price would be lower than electric car. It would be lighter too.



Mileage wise, nitrogen cars are the far better than electric. Electric cars could run up to 100 miles or longer(depends on the car) when its full recharge. However nitrogen cars could run up to 300 miles in its full tank.

In a real sense, the more such green vehicles are used, the cleaner the air will become. In addition to the environmental friendly and refuelling times are similar as normal fuel car.

However, there seems to be a lot other areas to consider as safety to keep the nitrogen pressurized and cool. As we all know, our automotive industry is smart enough and they will consider all the points when they will bring nitrogen gas car in the market.

So It will be interesting and great to see this next green car !!!

What are your thoughts on using nitrogen as a replacement for gasoline?