Ford Plans to Triple EcoBoost Car Output for Europe by 2015

May 27, 2013

Ford is planning to more than triple its manufacturing output for the new EcoBoost range of engines by 2015 in Europe which implies they believe in the effective and impressive new engines ability. This means the production count would go from 141,000 in 2011 to approximately 480,000 a year by 2015.

Of the 480,000, more than 135,000 will be cars equipped with the 1.6-litre EcoBoost engine, manufactured in Bridgend, Wales which impressively pumps out 150 BHP and has a combined fuel consumption of 47.1 MPG in the current Ford Focus.  ford-fiesta-for-ford-ecoboost-article

Between 2012 and 2015, Ford are planning to produce more than 1.3 Million EcoBoost engines for the European market with 800,000 of these being the low-CO2 1.0 litre engines that are produced in new plant in Craiova, Romania and in Cologne, Germany. During this time around 800,000 of the 1.6 litre engines will be produced in Bridgend.  

What Is EcoBoost?

“Our plans to expand EcoBoost availability are aggressive, but we believe as customers experience this engine family, they’ll understand why,” said Sherif Marakby, powertrain director, Ford of Europe. “We’re at the cutting edge of innovation and the 1.0-litre engine, for example, cannot be matched for its balance of efficiency, power and refinement.” He added. 

What is EcoBoost? Well the engine technology was developed by UK powertrain engineers at the Ford Dunton Technical Centre and Ford Dagenham engine plant. It is an engine designed to produce a great deal of power from small engines by having substantially reduced fuel consumption and emissions at the same time.

by Paul Fagan | Director