Ford is recruiting 250 new employees at Dagenham engine plant

September 3, 2014

A great news announced by Ford as they are recruiting new 250 staff for diesel engine production at Ford’s Dagenham engine plant.

Ford have invested of over £380 million including UK Government’s regional growth for generating next generation low CO2 2.0 litre diesel engine.

Ford have planned to make production capacity of 350,000 units per annum. The first diesel engine will be produced by end of next year 2015 at Dagenham engine plant. Currently Ford have got around 2,000 staff for engine production and engineering.

The first batch of new 250 employees will be joining the Ford company(part of manufacturing team) on 23 month fixed term contract with planned to start in December 2014 to January 2015.

According to Ford of Britain Chairman and MD, this is final step towards to the production of an all new, state of the art and low carbon diesel engine that has been designed, developed and manufactured by Ford in the UK. Last year in 2013, Ford Dagenham plant have produced 787, 398 diesel engines with 85 percentage exported worldwide.

Currently Ford producing engines at its two locations in the UK – one is Ford Brigand in Wales for petrol engines and Ford Dagenham, East London for Diesel engines. In 2013, Both plant have exceeded 1.5 million engines.

Application Process :

If you want to apply and would like to be the part of Ford Manufacturing Group then you can apply online at Also you can get more information on Ford UK website –