Ford and Google’s Partnership for Driverless Cars

January 25, 2016

The two giants of the digital and automotive world are poised to become partners for an innovative technology that can truly change the way we go from Point A to Point B. Google, the search engine giant, and Ford, the car manufacturing giant, are already in advanced talks for its collaboration to develop autonomous cars. If it pushes through, the deal will mean Ford will manufacture driverless cars for Google.

While both companies have yet to make an official statement or make casual comments about the matter, Ford CEO Mark Fields and Google Sergey Brin have met in December 2015 in California, per reports. Speculations abound even in major newspapers that Google is also likely in talks with most major car manufacturers but considering the close ties between the two companies, the Ford-Google partnership may likely come to fruition in the near future.

Emphasis must be made that Alan Mulally, a former Ford Boss is now a Google director. Many former Ford executives and engineers have also be pirated by Google, therefore, the possible partnership.

What’s in it for the two giants? Google needs Ford since it has no experience building physical objects, much less the complicated processes and complex machineries involved in car production. Ford, in contrast, is one of the world’s major car manufacturers with advanced factory capacity and wide supplier network.

Ford, furthermore, can access the substantial wealth of data that Google continues to amass in the course of its autonomous car pilot project. With Google’s fleet of driverless vehicles coupled with its 1.3 million miles of data, software, and technology in the past year alone, Ford will have an invaluable resource essential in its goal to be more competitive in the emerging auto sector.