Ferrari reveals £2 million 'Sergio'

December 9, 2014

Ferrari have unveiled a special £2 million sport model based on the 458 Spider supercar – named it the ‘Sergio’.

On  the occasion of the Finali Mondiali last weekend in Abu Dhabi, Ferrari revealed the first production model of ‘Sergio’ has been delivered to its owner.

All the Ferrari’s are special, but some are more special than others and Sergio is the perfect example. Ferrari’s decision to build six production model of the Pininfarina Sergio concept didn’t really comes as that much of a surprise.

Ferrari and Pininfarina have been creating the beautiful sports car together for six decades now and the Ferrari Sergio is here to reminding us that. The design house started by the man himself has penned that latest design. The first concept model has been seen to  the 2013 Geneva motor show and then well-heeled petrol heads were clamouring for a production model. And here it is the Sergio.

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The car takes inspiration from Ferraris of the 1960s and 70s, combining with cutting edge aerodynamics that the Italian firm has worked into its 21st century. The Sergio uses the latest powerful 4.5 litre V8 engine that have seen in 458 Spider, albeit with an excellent 597bhp, that accelerates 0-62mph in just three seconds.

It’s a strikingly attractive looking car with full-sized windscreen, low sweeping lines and totally different aesthetic to anything that Ferrari makes today. Interior is broadly unchanged from the 458 with the addition of alcantara upholstery and extra carbonfibre. Each of the six Ferrari Sergios will be different, with clients personalising their cars in sessions at Maranello.

On Twitter, Ferrari confirmed that “the tweaks from concept to production were very minor, with certain bits like the indicators and mirrors coming straight from the 458. They also say that it has ‘functioning rear lights,’ which is truly confidence inspiring.”

Check out the latest pictures in the post and what do you think of £2.5 million Ferrari Sergio?

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