Features to look for when buying a new car

March 23, 2015

Are you looking to get a new car? Are you unclear as to what features you should look for? No worries- take a look at our guide!

If you are planning to get a new car, you may have already realised that it is more complex than just deciding on a make and model. There are plenty of features and options available which can make a huge difference to everyday life. Some options come as standard in most cars today, however there are also some considered as a luxury and will cost extra.


This is the first important feature to look at. There are plenty of designs and engineered features available across a variety of cars that will help improve fuel economy and minimise the running costs of the vehicle. The savings vary from model to model and depend on your driving style. However using things like cruise control and the size of your engine can certainly help you to save money.

1) Cruise control:

Cruise controlCruise control is an automatic system that helps to control speed and is most helpful when driving on freeways rather than urban areas where you have to stop and start. Cruise control helps to decrease the amount of fuel used to maintain a steady speed and helps to increase fuel economy for most cars.

2) Engine size:

Engine sizeIt’s important to choose your engine size based upon your everyday use. Currently, there are three common engine sizes available : 4, 6 and 8 cylinders. The smaller engine consumes less fuel and offers better mileage. However smaller engine vehicles have less power and are not ideal for business drivers who need to make longer motorway journeys.

3) All-wheel drive:

All-wheel driveThe all-wheel drive (or four-wheel drive) is one of the most popular safety drive train features. Cars with all-wheel drive can be controlled better than those with two-wheel drive. It provides better traction control and is especially useful in areas that get lots of snow in the winter.

4) Fuel economy and CO2:

Depending on your use, you can choose between an economical petrol or diesel car. If you have to travel a very short distance daily, then electric cars may be an ideal option. They can make your journeys very cheap and most electric cars are road tax free due to zero emissions.


There are plenty of trim and customisation options available including fabric or leather seats, light or dark interior colour, heated seats, in-car Wi-Fi, sunroof etc. However these are all things that need to be tailored to suit your personality and budget.

1) Entertainment Systems:

Entertainment SystemsIt is always nice to have a good entertainment system to help you enjoy longer journeys with family and friends. Entertainment systems have gone beyond the simple AM and FM radios. Most cars now feature CD players with USB and Bluetooth connectivity. Some cars now also come with the ability to have TV monitors installed in the rear passenger seats which is a fantastic option if you are a family travelling with small children.

2) Satellite Navigation:

Satellite NavigationIn most new cars, entry level versions come with a built in satellite navigation system which makes easy navigation a lot easier and you dont need to worry about forgetting your Tom-Tom or draining the battery on your smart phone!

3) Auto Stop and Start function:

Auto Stop and Start functionNow-a-days, new cars come with an auto stop-and-start button which makes it easier to drive and stop. It automatically switches off the engine when the car is stationary or neutral, then restarts it as soon the driver presses the clutch pedal again.


1) Air bags

AirbagsAir bags provide life saving benefits for the vast majority of people. Air bags come as standard with all new cars, however there are several different types of airbags including front, side and rear airbags. The front ones are the most common however other variants are becoming more standard now.

2 ) Driver assistance systems

Driver assistance systemsThere are plenty of advanced driver assistance systems including anti lock braking, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, electronic stability control, pedestrian protection, traffic sign recognition and more… They are designed to increase driver and passenger safety. If you are looking to get a new car and if your budget allows for them; you should look at driver assistance systems.

3) Check Euro NCAP safety ratings

Euro NCAP safety ratingsAlthough this is not a feature, Euro NCAP provides a realistic and independent assessment of the safety performance of a car and gives a rating from 0 to maximum of 5 stars. There are plenty of cars that have successfully achieved the full five star EuroNCAP rating! You should always check the Euro NCAP safety ratings before buying a new car!

4) Parking assistance

Parking assistanceMost new cars come with parking assistance features that help you park in a tight parking space. They often have a rear view camera and sensors which constantly monitor your reversing.

I hope we have helped you with this blog. If you have any questions or need help finding your next car- It would be best to speak with one of our sales team on 0800 458 0113 (free from a land line). Let’s talk and find the perfect vehicle for you.