Europe's Largest Beetle Event – Beetle Sunshine Tour

August 18, 2014

Europe’s largest Bettle event called ‘Beetle Sunshine Tour’ celebrates its 10 the anniversary at Germany.

Beetle Sunshine Tour is the largest independent Beetle fan festival organised for all Beetle fans(for all generation Beetle). The tour festival was organised in Germany on 15th August 2014 to 17th August 2014. There were around 470 vehicles knocked out in origional styles and the festival’s musical highlight is being provided by ‘Voice of Germany’ star Ole ‘Soul’ Feddersen, performing as a duo with Nathalie Dorra a song specially composed for the Sunshine Tour. Also in attendance: PS pro Sidney Hoffman (TV presenter) with girlfriend Leonie, who was crowned ‘Miss Tuning’ last year.

Three Volkswagen Beetle generations from six decades were present at the anniversary tour was the first time ever the tour’s original starting point was moved to Lübeck Airport. From there the convoy travelled to Brügmanngarten in Travemünde. The Beetle Sunshine Tour is very famous in worldwide, thats why in addition to European and Chinese participants, first time Mexico and Korea participants have participated.

beetle event2

The most highlighted features of the event was all the participants and their cars all dressed up in unique style such as Angel and Devil, Rock n Roll, Wedding, Sailboat in creative ways. This years´ ‘Most Beautiful Beach Beetle’ goes to Erick Sigel, a carbody- and vehicle builder, who remodelled his 2005 Beetle in over 1000 working hours to a high class pick-up with a cargo bed made out of teakwood. The holiday flat is already included: it´s an Eriba-trailer whose newly painted and redesigned interior excited the other fans as well and made Erick Sigel a worthy winner of the prize.

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Promoter Gabriele Kraft says: “Every year we see new ideas at Travemünde.”

As a long-established partner of the event, Volkswagen is involved this year with some automotive gems, including one crowd puller delivering over 560 PS: the Beetle GRC from the US Rally Cross Motorsport series accelerates to 100 km/h in 2.1 seconds and celebrates its racing debut in September in Los Angeles. Also on view are the Beetle Dune, the prototype of a Cross version of the Beetle.